Ludena Protocol

Ludena Protocol

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Created using Figma
Ludena Protocol is the first comprehensive gamified social platform, connecting gamers, from around the world, to a single application where they can play, trade and share all things gaming with one another. The Ludena Protocol team is made up of a group of professionals, who have been operating the 3 million user strong gaming social media application, 'GameTalkTalk,' for 7 years. During their history, they have made a significant number of partnerships with influential stakeholders in the gaming industry. The team has discovered the market challenges faced by all players in the industry, including gamers, publishers, and indie game developers. To solve these problems, they have identified an advantageous method of changing the gaming industry’s paradigm by introducing blockchain.
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24 mar 2020
30 apr 2020
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Aug 15, 2019
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Di Ludena Protocol

The LDN token rewards users for platform engagement with fellow participants. Our 3 million strong community boasts the ultimate gamer-focused social ecosystem and offers the three major segments of the gaming industry exclusive benefits: Players, game publishers and indie game developers.

Players can: Discover or upload helpful game strategies, hints and tricks and receive fair rewards for all kinds of engagement; Easily find or sell rare and special game items in the world’s first fee-free virtual goods marketplace; Get matched with new friends to play fun and simple games with on Ludena’s
1:1 hyper casual gaming platform.

Game Publishers: Marketing dollars are targeted, no longer wasted, and result in real ROI effectiveness, through in-game purchases and driven player growth, due to our accumulated 1TB+ of user analytics and our 7 years of proven marketing successes.

Indie Game Developers: Our platform is an ideal solution for indie game developers, who want to reach a large audience, without paying exuberant commission fees, and who want to drive in-game spend, as our token economy design encourages.


Gaming-centric social media platform 

Fee-less virtual item exchange

P2P gaming platform

Informazioni tecniche

Games on our gaming platform will be HTML5. 

% name% Roadmap

  • 2020

  • Q1: Beta Launch of GameTalkTalk DApp. Publish two mini-games for our platform (hyper casual, P2P).
    Q2: Listing of LDN token on at least one major Korean exchange. Make the DApp version of GameTalkTalk available on the Google Play store. Expand business to the Indian and Indonesian markets harnessing our strong mobile partnerships in both nations.
    Q3: Incorporate a virtual item exchange. Expand to the Japanese market and further expansion to South East Asian emerging markets, such as Vietnam, etc.


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