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LIsteningMind IEO Postponement Announcement The Listening Mind IEO has been postponed to the end of this year/early next year following an official request from the project team. The decision was made by Listening Mind to allow them to fine-tune essential elements of their project including MVP development and a working demo for investors. Listening Mind will continue to develop their community through regular meet-ups to generate additional buzz while also focusing on continual discussions and finalizing confirmation from their institutional investors. We apologize for this sudden delay but can assure you that the project’s decision was made with investors in mind as the top priority. In the meantime, ProBit Exchange will do our best to continue introducing quality projects to our Launchpad Premium platform to provide users exclusive access to some of the most innovative blockchain visions around the globe. Thank you for your understanding.
24 mag 2019
30 lug 2019
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Di ListeningMind

Listening Mind is paying close attention to search data not simply because search data presents a lot of data from Internet users. The reason why we do so is that Internet users provide their critical personal information regarding their needs, desires, and concerns to search engines such as Google, Baidu, Yandex, and Naver, which they usually do not provide to other Internet services. So if marketers use search data platforms such as Listening Mind, they will be able to locate in-depth consumer insights that are difficult to be found in traditional survey methods such as FGI or FGD.

In addition, the application of search data analysis through Listening Mind is not limited to a specific marketing area. For example, politics and public policy are areas where search data is likely to be extremely well-valued.

In the survey conducted by Seth Stephens-Davidowitz, author of 'Everybody Lies’, a large number of US cities still display a strong search volume on racial discrimination against black people even though many people were of the opinion that it had disappeared after Obama's presidential election.

Four years after the survey was conducted, the polls in the US presidential election in 2016 clearly indicated that Hillary Clinton had gained considerably more popularity than Donald Trump, who had lost a number of his ballots due to the remarks he had made about African Americans. However, in the areas where a lot of searches were made using negative keywords about black people, Trump won against Hillary by a large margin unlike the survey results had predicted. This example highlights how search data can provide meaningful insights on socially sensitive topics such as topics on politics and the public policy area.

% name% Roadmap

  • Q3 2019

  • • Dev Team Building
    • Building Crawling Infrastructure
    • Started Listening Mind Core Engine Development
    • Token Generation & Sale
    • Service screen prototype development
    • Wallet Closed Beta Service (Extension + Mobile Wallet) View Only
    • Data Miner Core Development
    • Machine learning logic design
    • Begin building the infrastructure architecture
    • User panel selection criteria and operation policy development
    • Begin the service front development
  • Q4 2019

  • • Publish desktop browser extensions
    • Wallet: BTC / ETH Balance Verification
    • Wallet: Interoperating with Exchange API
    • Wallet: User panel recruitment features
    • Preparing and collecting user panel database (Desktop Only)
    • Commence with user panel recruitment
  • Q1 2020

  • • Coin / Token transactions between API-enabled wallets and external exchanges
    • Automation of the crawl process
    • Developing a Private Blockchain Core - Considering Hyper-Threading
    • Data Analytics and Visualization
    • Automate infrastructure management
    • Analysis of user collected data and development of visualization
    • Listening Mind to close beta opening service
  • Q2 2020

  • • User panels access their information in wallet
    • Listening Mind service officially opens
    • Available in Korean English, Japanese, Chinese
    • Block consistency and security enhancements
    • Commence with sales and marketing
    • Opening of 4 branch offices
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  • Q3 2020

  • • LMT exchange function opens in wallet itself
    • ML algorithm extension, data expansion with Image, video, voice
    • 3rd party data API open
  • Q4 2020

  • • Open the P2P trading function in wallet
    • Political / public domain information collection and analysis
    • Machine learning mashup service opens - ML function opens to the data provider
    • Expansion to 10 target countries
    • Available in Vietnamese, Spanish, French and Russian languages
  • Q1 2021

  • • AR / VR / image data collection and analysis function
    • Service type robot data such as pepper interlocked
    • More than 10PB data collection and analysis data
    • Open brand shop
    • Target countries - 20 countries
    • Office locations in 7 countries
    • Artificial Intelligence Marketing Advisory Service for SMEs


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