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Offrire agli investitori una strada per guadagnare da vari servizi di elaborazione dei pagamenti e una piattaforma per prestare o prestare e guadagnare interessi aggiuntivi in ​​cambio. Konero offre agli investitori il vantaggio di utilizzare i servizi di blockchain come leva per aumentare il proprio reddito senza dipendere dai sentimenti del mercato per controllare il proprio investimento.
1 mar 2018
1 apr 2018
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Technological advancement in this modern age transcends human expectation. Technology is changing every part of our daily lives. The financial sector of our world is becoming considerably more advance as the years progress, financial transactions are being done all over the world via the introduction of crypto currency, and the past boundaries and limitations are fading away at a very fast pace.

Satoshi’s original concept of a digital asset does not limit it to a means of transaction alone but also as a medium to obtain instant credit to fund projects and ideas for the future, not controlled by government, agencies or institutions, fully decentralized.

Konero is another unique asset in this blockchain world, a decentralized peer to peer crypto currency. A combination of financial and technological savvy makes up this new asset a worthy competitor in the financial world. Konero acts as a decentralized digital asset to various transactions but holds its core value as a stake in the venture, a channel that offers residual gains for the long run. A crypto coin backed by services not market sentiments.

Our approach to make Konero great and respectable is simple and distinctive in the crypto- world. During the developing levels of Konero, it will be “self-sustained” by using the funds raised from token sales and investment in its development and growth as well as to upgrade and expand the services of the project. As soon as the first tokens are sold; the funds would be immediately reinvested into Konero to make it greater and more diverse as well as to recruit exceptional staff, resources and equipment to meet the project objectives. Unlike all other crypto currencies that largely depend on global market sentiments to grow, risking a bubble situation. Konero depends to a degree on the services and products been provided by the project with slight support from any market sentiments for its true valuation.

Konero was born not only for the need of the crypto currency community but also for the average investors who requires not only value and speed of a decentralized system of transaction but the need for a sustainable and consistent coin backed by a business that delivers residual income without fluctuating negatively because of the crypto community market sentiments. Konero core focus is communication, video on demand, Sports betting and payment processing.

As you make the decision to become our partner, we believe the future holds great prospect for us both and we can only become greater and much more valuable by working together. We believe that many people will eventually use Konero as preferred means of transaction and investment.

% name% Roadmap

  • January 2018

  • - Coding, testing, and preparing a commercial activity plan the project.
    - Researching legal detail and locating solutions
  • March 2018

  • - Main ICO starts
    - Listing on decentralized exchanges
    - Official marketing campaign start
  • April 2018

  • - Listing on major exchanges
  • May 2018

  • - Assimilation of services into a single unit platform
    - Additional hiring
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  • July 2018

  • - Partnering with Video streaming, communication and sports betting companies to use Konero
    - Coin as a payment unit
  • August 2018

  • - Konero International Debit Card setup and distribution on ICO Token holders
  • September 2018

  • Dividends payment to ICO token holders and launching of hight end commercial activity on a global scale


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