Gold Bullion Token

Gold Bullion Token

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Di Gold Bullion Token

So, do you have any personal assets you want to sell? Maybe an old watch, camera, mobile phone, jewellery, painting, antique, objet d'art, electronic equipment, Les Paul guitar, classic car?..... Then you will know full well that the local auction house (and its limited audience, many of whom who will have no interest in your item for sale) will typically charge you a 17.5% fee on the lower-than-hoped-for sale price at which your item sold. You could, of course,  broaden your potential buyer audience by listing on eBay, where you will be charged a standard 10% fee on any sale, PLUS 3.4% paypal fee, PLUS (just to add insult to injury) a 10% and 3.4% bite out of your p&p charges. How charming!

How would you feel about paying a 1% transaction fee to sell your assets on a brand new platform? And when we say "1% transaction fee" we mean precisely that...there are no hidden charges nor fees tacked on anywhere! Have you ever wanted to sell some assets in order to buy some gold bullion coins or bars? How wonderfully convenient it would be to be able to sell your assets directly for gold bullion. Even put up your assets for sale priced in grams of gold bullion......What an idea! So simple, clean, convenient. The only way that could really be bettered would be if one could have all of that AND walk away with the gold bullion without paying a single penny in transaction fees! But that is clearly just a daydream......No, in fact, we are offering you the opportunity to participate in just such a dream opportunity!  

We are convinced we have a business idea which brings immense benefits and advantages to participants, particularly fans of gold bullion. We lay out here our idea, our thinking, free from marketing prettifications and duplicitous persuasions, and invite you to see if that business idea appeals to you......

We believe that our GBT Project will make a major contribution to cryptocurrency payment systems, impacting powerfully to render the experience for our users more reliable, transparent and low-cost, free from ubiquitous and interminable intermediary fees. This business proposal envisages the return of gold bullion to its earliest historic dual role as the most solidly reliable medium of exchange, and store of value and wealth par excellence.
We have for the past decade entertained the concept of initiating a platform which permitted sellers of assets to price those assets in gold bullion. The biggest headaches for our earlier plans arose over the issues of security and privacy. Today those stumbling blocks do not exist, for blockchain technology brings us solutions to the issues which previously scuppered the project. Maximum user security and privacy is the very focal point, the sine qua non of our asset exchange platform project.

 We are confident this new initiative, offering as it does the advent of a new paradigm in the trade of private assets for gold bullion, is such a compellingly attractive idea, and would so capture the attention and imagination of the gold and financial communities that it will largely promote itself. Below we give a brief account of the Project's services. goals and unlimited potential. Please take a look at our White Paper page for a more comprehensive account.


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