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Una piattaforma di finanziamento aziendale transfrontaliera DropDeck è una piattaforma di finanziamento di royalty e di debito per aziende in rapida crescita con un puro meccanismo di contratto intelligente e di incentivi simbolici per valutare e finanziare le imprese in tutto il mondo.
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21 nov 2017
21 dic 2017
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Di DropDeck

DropDeck is a funding platform that runs on the Ethereum blockchain because it requires this blockchain's features such as smart contracts, payment, consensus mechanism and its own digital token named DDD​ (Decentralized DropDeck). DropDeck is shaping the most innovative solution to address​ ​all​ ​existing​ ​issues​ ​in cross-border​ ​business​ funding​ ​for startups and SMEs, by issuing digital tokens and deploying smart contracts to incentivize all token holders to collaborate with each other and complement the​ ​A.I.​ ​development​. The outcomes are 1) fundraising companies are as accurately scored and ranked as possible so that funders can put their money to optimal use, and 2) all participants in the ecosystem are financially incentivized to help funders get rewarded, so that funders can keep funding and attract more funders to join the ecosystem.

Companies from all geographies can submit information to the platform according to standardized funder-centric formats, or local agents called Hunters can help do so. Funders screen fundraising companies based on scores, and can select local agents called Delegates in the geography of the interested company to assist in further due diligence. After conducting full due diligence, the funders are ready to make the loan. The Delegate is required to enter into a legal arrangement with the funded company in order to enforce the repayment. Funders then make a payment in DDD to a smart contract. This smart contract involves the funders, the funded company, and the Delegate, so that the Delegate only gets paid if the funded company pays back. The Delegate receives either a percentage of the repayment amount, or a fixed amount held in escrow by the smart contract.

The loan can be paid back in the form of simple amortization with regular payments, or via royalties or with other amortization schedules for companies who are not generating consistent cash flow yet. The DropDeck reputation system encourages funded companies to pay back in order to attract further funding in the future, and encourages Delegates to protect the funders’ interests in order to attract more clients. The Decentralized DropDeck Token​ ​(DDD​) will be issued and distributed to serve as the ultimate reward for all participants in the funding value chain (Delegates, Hunters, Evaluators, etc.). Since DDD's value reflects the overall success of funders and fundraising companies on DropDeck, every participant must collaborate​ ​in​ ​the​ ​best​ ​interests​ ​of​ ​each​ ​othe​ r (e.g. evaluate companies accurately, enforce repayment) and of DropDeck (e.g. contribute data to make scoring algorithms smarter) in order to increase the value of their rewards.
DropDeck helps funders allocate capital to the most deserving companies while being informed of these companies’ “Potential scores”, which reflects the degree of risk and potential in terms of profitability. For the underwriting part of the loan, the fundraising company and the funders can propose the terms (interest rate, royalty, schedule, etc.). DropDeck also makes suggestions with its A.I. algorithms. One or many Delegates consolidate information to make final proposals. The funders and the funded company who have “skin in the game” will come to a consensus to choose a proposal and the according Delegate to carry out the terms.


Le società di raccolta fondi sono valutate e classificate in modo esauriente in modo che i finanziatori possano mettere i loro soldi alle aziende in più rapida crescita, in tutto il mondo.
I finanziatori possono "contribuire" (con diritti di concessione) o "prestare" (debito) a aziende di raccolta fondi in un modo rapido, affidabile e sicuro.
Tutti i partecipanti all'ecosistema di finanziamento sono incentivati ​​finanziariamente per aiutare i finanziatori a ricevere premi, in modo che i finanziatori possano continuare a finanziare e attrarre più finanziatori.

Informazioni tecniche

Dettagli tecnici: & nbsp; Token standard Ethereum erc20. Il codice sorgente: & nbsp; Il codice non è disponibile. Prova dello sviluppatore: & nbsp; Squadra pubblica.

% name% Roadmap

  • Phase​ ​1

  • generate a Trust score for each user on our platform as a reference of trustworthiness for investors and entrepreneurs to choose the right partners.
  • Fase 1

  • generare un punteggio di fiducia per ciascun utente sulla nostra piattaforma come riferimento di affidabilità per investitori e imprenditori per scegliere i partner giusti.
  • Phase​ ​2

  • generate a Potential score for each deck on our platform as a reference of evaluation results for investors to fund the highest potential companies.
  • Fase 2

  • generare un punteggio potenziale per ciascun mazzo sulla nostra piattaforma come riferimento dei risultati della valutazione per gli investitori per finanziare le società potenziali più elevate.
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  • Phase​ ​3

  • recommend potential, suitable startups and investors to each other.
  • Fase 3

  • raccomandare potenziali, startup e investitori adatti l'uno all'altro.
  • Phase​ ​4​

  • automate contribution and lending.
  • Fase 4

  • automatizzare il contributo e il prestito.
  • Phase​ ​5

  • integrate with other technologies and systems to apply our trust scoring engine to businesses in other domains and refine our own results.
  • Fase 5

  • integrarsi con altre tecnologie e sistemi per applicare il nostro motore di punteggio di fiducia alle aziende di altri domini e perfezionare i nostri risultati.
  • Phase​ ​6

  • create an interface for businesses to integrate with our engine on demand.
  • Fase 6

  • creare un'interfaccia per le aziende da integrare con il nostro motore su richiesta.


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DropDeck Squadra

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Anh (Alon) Vo
Chief Product Designer
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Michael Phan
Chief Hacker
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Dennis Poh
Legal Counsel
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Harlow Russel
Global Strategy Consultant
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Steve Young
Legal Counsel
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Dr. Amir Banifatemi
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Herve Roussel
Software Architect
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Dr. Chris Marshall
Analytics & Cognitive Specialist
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Dr. Jiamei Deng
Professor of AI Leeds Beckett University, UK
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Barnabas Szilagyi
Managing Principal, Director of Data Analytics Cap...
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Gaye Soykok
Architect NTT DATA Corp.
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Sivapriya Kaza
Product Manager, Machine Learning Fellow Robots
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Angela Bates
Programme Strategist IBM UK
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George Popescu
Chair of Advisor Board
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James Haft
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Anik Dang
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Nagu Thogiti
AI & Blockchain advisor
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Patrick Mansfield
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Ketki Sen
Fintech advisor
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Robert Allen
Fintech and Blockchain advisor
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Hoang Nguyen
Token sale and Blockchain advisor
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GheeHoe Cheng
Venture Capital advisor
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% name% Recensioni

Samson Owiti
Cryptotrader, Crypto investor, Blockchain business exper

DROPDECK is a debt fundraising platform for the growing  businesses  based on  smartcard and an incentive system with a decentralized drop desk token (DDD)  that allows for evaluation and funding of businesses across all borders. This project employs a perfect combination of online- offline, ochain-offchain and machine-man made barriers to a break all the barriers in between the processes involved hence minimizing risks and maximizing the benefits for adequate improvements.


Improved trust. The project majorly operates on the trust principles as the funders can easily access detailed information about the companies .This information is clearly outlined in distinctive groups enabling the funders to screen through them very fast hence saving time in their decision making.

Easy evaluation: The  users either easily see the hidden details about their funders  by paying for this service which in return earns them an instant reward. This therefore promotes transparency which is a measure of speeding up the funded companies.

Improved trust circle: The inves tment procedures involved in the project are clearly outlined and has to follow well organized protocol making it easy to add a trusted customer as they can be easily screened before investing in the project. This creates a conducive environment for raising adequate funds for the project leading to the improvement of the businesses across the World.


The project full endorsement requires ample time as it has to go around all the stipulated stages. Skipping one vital stage can lead to the failure of the project as the funders will not be properly selected.


The growth of most of the companies is usually limited to the starting capital and the maintenance cost. Investing in this project will ensure that different companies and businesses get the right funders and as a result making more returns. The application of  the decentralized drop deck token(DDD)  as tool in in the project  is key value as it encourages installment thereby reducing risks  and  keeps the tokens for the companies before all the requirements are met. This makes the investment very instrumental in promoting the growth of businesses.

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Drop Deck provides a means for investors and creditors to make the payment of small loans to both individuals and businesses. The success of the DDD will come down to the amount of funding it gains, as well as the market appetite for ICOs and its future profitability.

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