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BIKE IT is a MOVE TO EARN project committed to reduce gas emissions with social & game clément
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For decades pollution has been getting worse and worse. From the cars to the planes, from the boats to the trucks, seeing the impact they have on the planet we cant stay here and do nothing.

When I was younger I used to love watching documentaries on animals from other countries, but now the only documentaries I see on animals are about how they are disappearing due to climate change. Coming from a place where nature rules I had to take matters into my own hands and find a way to help. After being in the nft space for quite some time and being a part of some big project, that’s when the idea hit me. Why don’t we try and reach out to this big community to make them be a part of a cause that will be beneficial for them and the world ?

I now present to you BIKE IT ! A project that rewards people who use their bike to reduce the amount of pollution put in the air. Even if you aren’t a daily biker, taking your bike even once per month could make a change.

This project is made for the people that a willing to take part in the journey to make the planet healthy again.


Being a project that encourages people to take action against pollution is one thing. But we have our part of the job to do too, we as leader of this project, must show the good example and be a part of the people that take action as well.

This is why we decided to donate a percentage of the earnings to an association that fights against pollution. And who is this association? You will ask, Well this will be determined by the community. We wanted this association to be an association that is important for the community and not something they wouldn’t feel happy putting their money into.

% name% Roadmap

  • 1ST STEP

  • Donation to an association that campaigns for the environment.
  • 2ND STEP

  • Creation of our token.
  • 3RD STEP

  • Collaboration with sports brands and athletes.
  • 4TH STEP

  • Creation of sporting events every weekend.


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