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Bedcoin facilitates and makes easy Global Real Estate & Accommodation Investments Online & Traveling and allows crypto currency holders to become a Global Estate Investor and be part of the amazing Bedcoin family and sharing it's dividents all by the click of a button. Investments wise - Bedcoin will design and implement market reference Real Estate & Accommodation players. Stellar performance and outstanding clients satisfaction is the only duo mix expected from Bedcoin's customer voice shaped market approaches.
1 apr 2019
31 mar 2020
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Di Bedcoin

On the background of a dynamic & turbulent market empowered by technology and sharing economy principles trends like never before - Bedcoin is here to revolutionize the Real Estate & Accommodation markets. What sets Bedcoin apart from most of the other cryptocurrencies is it’s Mission & Team and that it is backed by real estate and it is the only crypto coin that is offering yearly profit shares from it’s crowdfunding mechanism - facts that make Bedcoin an exclusive limited amazing asset.

Bedcoin is running on the ethereum mainnet blockchain. Bedcoin enables it's holders to invest and benefit online from the Global Real Estate & Accommodation Markets & be part of groundbreaking projects for the first time made easy and accessible to the world wide public. As a result, Bedcoin will be widely used as a Real Estate Investment Asset in the real economy.

It is amazing about Bedcoin the facts that it's holder become Real Estate Investors in the most easy, affordable, liquid, cost reduced and transparent way. Bedcoins are backed by the investments towards which the crowdfunds resultet from the ICO phases are heading to - investments from which Bedcoin holders will benefit from yealry dividents - profit share based on the number of Bedcoins they have. Bedcoin Investments Assets Management are based on the flawless experience record of the team that have a strong track record in Crypto Currencies, Real Estate & Accommodation -Filip Kalebo has been involved in the technical implementation of several crypto currency protocols such as the creation of the world largest crypto currency creation platform, Bitcoin, Lightning,Monero and several other large crypto currency payment implementations and protocols in various commercial production systems and in production infrastructures.


Enabling amazing projects

You might own one or two real estate objects in your life time but with BEDCOIN you unlock the power to co-own and vote on alot of real estate

Co-own the future

With BEDCOIN everyone can invest and co-own real estate, Do you want another beer or ownership in real estate?


Bedcoin will aim to reach a direct democratic governance system within the Bedcoin community - of Bedcoin holders. It is desired for Bedcoin to be a direct democratic crypto institution rather then an owned institution dictated by majority of volume holders.

Fast and free

With the help of the blockchain, everyone can use bedcoin without limitations from third parties.

Coded for precision

Once a month we audit our source code to provide a cuting edge solution for you.

Direct Democracy Voting

Bedcoin will try to implement Democratic Decision making and share decision making with it's crypto currency holders via the Bedcoin Platform. Bedcoin's primal management (set to Drive Bedcoin over it's first decade of existance) is bound to implement a democratic body in it's Global presence for decision making sharing in the Bedcoin community. The idea of Bedcoin is to be an everlasting institution way past it's cofounders.


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