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Innovative wide functionality and reliable platform created to solve today’s cryptocurrency reliability and integration in everyday life and business solutions.Multi blockchain ledgers wide api interface connectivity has the potential to change the way of trade interact with government and taxation, verify the authenticity of everything from financial asset and transaction up to property titles to other worldwide services.It combines the openness of the internet with the security of cryptography to give everyone a faster, safer way to verify key information and establish trust and trustful business. With our novel and unprecedented innovations in the world of financial technology, AWAX is a trading platform unlike any ever dreamt up. The platform will integrate every major brokerage and exchange, cutting across such spheres as forex, stocks, shares, cryptocurrencies, banking, investment, insurance, safety and credit with the motive of introducing a single app for every trading or management intricacy. Unlike other platforms, AWAX will not merely trade crypto. Rather, it is poised to expand the horizons and blaze the trail on the frontiers of trading and investments themselves. Essentially, if you are looking to land any of proven copy traders, rapid and secure arbitrage services, professional portfolio management, decentralized, secured, personal and disconnected cold-keeper facility, verification of your trading record, or creation of an alternative credit history, look no further as AWAX has got you covered on all those fronts and even more. Your expectations are sure to be exceeded. AWAX is a blockchain of trust in every sense of the word. The main target of AWAX system is to keep user asset secured by decentralizing all assets while maintaining their indices within the platform. In other words, decentralization is a key theme in the AWAX machinery. AWAX token will be used to carry out all operations or transactions on the platform. It will be the medium through which value can be exchanged on the platform in the event of trades, investment, or credit transfer. Now, in order ensure that these transactions progress in a seamless manner, it will be necessary to withhold a small amount of AWAX tokens. This way users will find the demand this action creates a lot more preferable compared to having to part with hard-earned funds as payments in the form of trading fees, internal fees, orders, and external services, as is often the case with conventional practice on similar platforms. AWAX supports trading of tokens on the platform. On AWAX, you will be at liberty to sell the tokens you have accumulated at any time to anyone within or outside the platform. Selling rate for AWAX tokens are subject to variations as they are subject to market trends.

% name% Roadmap

  • 2017 Q1

  • First release date of project
    The AWAX Group LTD is founded
    Registration of AWAX as a legal entity.
  • 2017 Q2

  • Platform Idea
    Started working on MVP of AWAX Blockchain Platform.
  • 2017 Q4

  • From Idea to Coding
    Development of the platform and technological solutions.
  • 2018 Q1

  • Initial Arrangements
    Team and Development flow planning;
    Company structure formation;
    Getting legal advices;
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  • 2018 Q2

  • AWAX Offices
    Offices in: United Kingdom, Sweden, China,Hong Kong,United Arab Emirates.
  • 2018 Q3

  • Ico Campaigns and Launch of AWAX Forex and Investment Board
    Private sale 2018 June;
    Project promotion;
    Initial Development of the next generation tablets and smartphones;
    AWAX Blockchain Platform Exchange platform V1.0;
    AWAX Blockchain Platform Margin trading V2.0;
    AWAX Blockchain Platform ICO V3.0;
    Awax Social Network and voip.
  • 2018 Q4

  • AWAX Decentralizations
    Ico Campaign 2018 September;
    AWAX LTD transformation as AWAX PLC;
    Awax Platform V1.0 / V2.0 / 3.0 - decentralization;
    AWAX Blockchain Platform Merchant V6.0;
    AWAX Blockchain Platform Banking V7.0;
    Launch of the AWAX Debit CARD;
    Launch of the AWAX Debit CARD as well the required IT infrastructure to facilitate payment processing and issue personal IBANs;
    Merchant solution;
    Launch AWAX TV Channel;
    Platform update:
    AWAX Blockchain Platform Exchange platform V1.1;
    AWAX Blockchain Platform Margin trading V2.1;
    AWAX Blockchain Platform ICO V3.1;
    AWAX Blockchain Platform Forex V4.1;
    AWAX Blockchain Platform Investment Board V5.1;
    Financial Conduct Authorities License;
    AWAX Blockchain Platform Forex V4.0;
    AWAX Blockchain Platform Investment Board V5.0;
    AWAX desktop and mobile applications;
    White label solution programs ;
    Awax Club card and software integration in social chat and platform.
  • 2019 Q1

    Listing at London Stock Exchange / IPO;
    AWAX Blockchain Platform Credits V8.0;
    AWAX Blockchain Platform Stock Exchange V9.0;
    AWAX Blockchain Platform Precious metals V10.0;
    AWAX BANK license + adopting AWAX Block chain Platform with a banking capability;
    First release of AWAX tablets and smartphones;
    Awax Tv Channel 24/7 Internet Live stream, Cable tv, Satellite Tv;
    Financial Conduct Authorities License.
  • 2019 Q2

    Start of Asset Management subsidiary companies;
    Platform update:
    AWAX Blockchain Platform Exchange platform V1.2;
    AWAX Blockchain Platform Margin trading V2.2;
    AWAX Blockchain Platform ICO V3.2;
    AWAX Blockchain Platform Forex V4.2;
    AWAX Blockchain Platform Investment Board V5.2;
    AWAX Blockchain Platform Merchant V6.1;
    EvolAWAX Blockchain Platform Banking V7.1ution;
    AWAX Blockchain Platform Credits V8.1;
    AWAX Blockchain Platform Stock Exchange V9.1;
    AWAX Blockchain Platform Precious metals V10.1
    Financial Conduct Authorities License.


AWAX Squadra

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Founder # CEO of AWAX LTD
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Co-Founder, Director for Asian Market Development.
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Lydia Liang
Executive Manager of Chinese office
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Antony J Groves
PR and Head of Marketing
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ANGELICA Indelicato
Sales Team
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Sales Team Manager
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Sales Team
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VIKTOR Lundmark
Sales Team
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JULIA Andesson
Sales Team
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JEFF Abbas
Sales Team
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Hasnain Younus
Server Engineer
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M.Mubasher Munirv
Web Development
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Maznur Rahman
Social Marketing And SEO
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Takasur Azeem
iOS Developer
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Vijay Kumar
3D Design and Autocad
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Dmitriy Vizarev
Silent Investor and Advisor
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