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27 nov 2019

Everyone is different and our health and nutrition is dependent on our culture, lifestyles and local environment. So, why is it that nutritional or fitness apps treat everyone like we’re all the same? The reality is, there’s a need for a global app that can adapt and change to wherever you are in the world, not just the US or Europe. Introducing 180º Nutrition and Fitness, the first global health app. 180NF gives you a personalized wellness experience, customizing workouts, diets and health recommendations for your specific needs. Schedule trainings and personalized exercises whenever it is convenient for you. The app is powered by our own cryptocurrency system, where you can earn tokens by contributing to our nutritional database. By simply scanning in food and entering in corresponding nutritional information, or completing exercise challenges, you can begin earning NF tokens that can be used to place wagers on how well you might complete a certain task or challenge.
22 nov 2019
31 mar 2020
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Scanner Reward 44%
Already allocated for contributing into our nutritional database

Founders and Team 15%

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Quarterly Distribution 7%

Marketing, legal, developments and alliances 30%

Airdrops 3%
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Nov 22, 2019
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we have youtube and blogs bounty, please visit our discord for more information

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Di 180NF

Currently, even with the high availability of mobile health, nutrition and fitness applications on different platforms, it is very difficult to find one that fits the needs of the users and that really helps and generates a change in the lifestyles in the People who use it.

That is why we have created 180º Nutrition & Fitness an application created by professionals in these areas with which you can lead healthy lifestyles, monitor your diet and give your life a 180º turn. We have also created 180º Wager an application where you can earn money by helping us create our database and perform exercise challenges that will help you stay fit while you earn tokens.

It is a platform with which you can lead a healthy lifestyle, monitor your diet and receive rewards for giving your life a 180º turn.


Our app is already in review in the playstore, we will be launching our own secure wallet, scanner and challenges. Users will be able to scan everyday items and earn NF tokens if they input the corresponded data. Our challenges will motivated users to exercise more and earn side money for the accomplishments. Our simple and secure wallet in descrentralized, you'll be able o buy tokens from stellarterm (token already listed) and see you available balance directly from our wallet. Even if our wallet becomes offline you'll have full control of your coins and be able to operated you coins outside of our wallet.

Informazioni tecniche

For the 180NF WAGER app we will be creating two smart contract, one consist in rewarding the users for inputting nutritional data into 180NF database and once it is verified the user will receive 0.003NF tokens if the information provided is legit. All the information will be stored in our own private blockchain for future use in the next developments.

The algorithm consist in machine learning to find the similarity between the data provided by the users. A commonly used approach to match similar documents is based on counting the maximum number of common words between the documents. But this approach has an inherent flaw. That is, as the size of the document increases, the number of common words tend to increase even if the documents talk about different topics. The cosine similarity helps overcome this fundamental flaw in the ‘count-the-common-words’ or Euclidean distance approach.

The second smart contract consist in receiving all the wager money into a pool, verifying when an users has failed to meet his goal and dividing the pool money between the users that have accomplish the challenge automatically. The pool money will be divided as following:

  •         90% goes to the winners of the challenge
  •         10% goes to 180NF for operational fees

For example:

1000 users register for a 6 week challenge and each payed an amount of 40 dollars to participate. At the end of the challenge, 40% of the users didn’t meet the daily goal and were disqualified. The total pool money is 40000 USD, the winners will receive each 64.66 USD which correspond to an increment 61.65% from their initial bet.

% name% Roadmap

  • Release of our wallet

  • We want to build security with our community, so we created a descrentalized wallet. So, what does it mean. Users will be able to send, receive, see all transactions, prices and also will be able to connect there wallet with exhcnages like stellarterm (token alrady listed in stellarterm with USD pair) so they can buy or sell and the results will be reflected directly from our wallet. Even if our wallet goes offline, users will be able to manage their coins and have no dependency with us or even get their funds frozen.
  • Liste in two more exchanges

  • We want to expand our token and we can already list the token in two other exchanges. However, we just listed the token in stellarterm against an USD pair so we dont swing into the bitcoin volatility but every user will receive the same price for the token sale.
  • Enable scanner rewards

  • Users will be able to scan everyday items and receive NF token for contributing in building our nutritional database.
  • Enabling challenges

  • After fixing some bugs, we will be able to launch our challenges features and users will be able to exercise, live a healthier lifestyle and earn NF tokens


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180NF Squadra

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Daniel Sanchez
Founder, CEO
Katherine Quintana
Founder, CO-CEO
Jeisson Castañeda
Co-Founder, CTO
non verificato
Laura Pineda
Co-Founder, CLO

180NF Interviste

Daniel Sanchez
As a team member, сan you tell us about your role in the ICO project?
I'm the lead developer, my key role is in developing the entire blockchain ecosystem, app and APIs between the apps and blockchain.
What do you think about idea?
Its a game changing idea, not only we want to bring new technology for users but we are also targeting all the app developers, hospitals and nutritionist that will be using our database.A database that connects everyone in the globe, that you can earn NF token and build by the community.
Katherine Quintana
As a team member, сan you tell us about your role in the ICO project?
I'm the nutritionist and founder of this project. Together with my husband we created the project, developed the app and created all the nutritional content that this project requires.
What do you think about idea?
it's just amazing, this idea could change the world, health, sport and nutrition. With this idea we want people to be healthier and to reduce the percentage of chronic diseases worldwide
Laura Pineda
As a team member, сan you tell us about your role in the ICO project?
I'm in charge of the privacy politics, legal therms, legislation and everything that a lawyer could do
What do you think about idea?
It's an awesome app that will generate a lot of profits for the users with simple challenges and easy steps

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