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​XDAO is a unique tool for creating Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs) and jointly managing crypto assets in just a few clicks. In the DeFi market, there are no effective and convenient tools for companies and projects to invest in decentralized protocols as a joint entity.In XDAO a group of people can easily create a Decentralized Autonomous Organization, deposit crypto assets, manage them by voting, sell DAO shares and directly interact with DeFi protocols.In short, XDAO is a fully customizable tool that can be used for treasury management, multisig wallet and the platform for investment. DAOs on XDAO can be any-sized companies.
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Tentang XDAO

XDAO is a platform for creating and managing Decentralized Autonomous Organizations. To create your own DAO, you no longer need to understand the code or be able to write a smart contract. It’s probably hard to believe, but thanks to XDAO, it will take you less than one minute to create your own Decentralized Autonomous Organization.

XDAO is a one-of-a-kind platform for quickly forming Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs) and managing crypto assets collaboratively. Absolutely No-Code!

The main point of creating XDAO is that we simply want to make Decentralized Finance more accessible for people. The days of Blockchain Technologies being something distant and terrifying are over. A new era of free, simple, clear, and secure financial management is dawning!

Our innovation is to give the DAO creators and managers governance rights (by issuing governance tokens, or GTs), while investors will be able to have a share in the DAO (by purchasing and holding liquidity provider tokens, or LPs).


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Vladislav Shavlidze
CEO, Founder
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Zurab Shavlidze
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Egor Gavrilov
CTO, Co-founder
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Anna Godovnikovo
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Faraj Abutalibov
CGO-, Co-founder
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