Created using Figma is providing decentralized cryptocurrency financial services through its native governance token, VGT. Bridging gaps in the crypto DeFi market, aims to provide DeFi services through multiple projects in a decentralized, secure, and profitable environment.
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1 Agu 2022
1 Sep 2022
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1 Feb 2022
25 Apr 2022
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Tentang Vingt champions the growing cryptocurrency space and its ever-increasing adoption. While a booming spot market exists, there are gaps on the structured front. Productsthat would ideally enable investors to provide a higher return on capital are still missing from the picture. Investors are unable to execute macro strategies easily or able to take advantage of tailored solutions to generate strong returns. Additionally, the infrastructure struggles to catch up with the growth fuelled by consumer demand, leading to cumbersome operational hurdles in the day-to-day management of investor assets.
Crypto asset holders, like investors in traditional markets, demand sustainable growth, security and stability with manageable exposure to idiosyncratic risk. Unfortunately, these are difficult to hedge currently, driven by a lack of mitigating products. An absence of cryptocurrency equivalents to globalmarkets’ products means that crypto investors are unable to take advantage of similar opportunities available to their counterparts in Equity, Credit, FX and Real Estate asset classes. This is where steps in. is working towards the creation of a decentralised finance (“DeFi”) ecosystem governed by the Vingt (“VGT”) token with the aim of filling gaps in the existing DeFi space. This ecosystem will be initiated with the launch of VGT token followed by the creation of multiple projects, all governed by VGT. VGT holders will hold key powers around voting on strategic decisions, future paths and overall control of upcoming projects. VGT itself shall serve as the cornerstone of this ecosystem, being the strategic component to each project.


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