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Web3 is a new and innovative landscape that has the potential to transform gaming for the better. The core concepts of web3 are transparency, decentralization, and ownership. In web2 games, the supply, history, and ownership of game items can be very opaque. When shopping a game marketplace, players often don't know the total supply of an item, how many are created each day, what, if any is the maximum supply, how many players own the item, and what the price history has been. Thanks to blockchain, players can get much more transparency about game items and feel more confident when making game play and marketplace decisions.

Web3 also often means an enhanced level of ownership of game assets for players. Game items that are NFTs and currency that is a token can exist in a player's wallet, where they have more access than was possible in web2 gaming. Players may be able to sell, trade, or send game assets to other players p2p.
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Furies are a hero-class character in the upcoming Uldor MMORPG, currently under development. They will be a playable character in the game with special in-game utility. Uldor is an MMORPG set in a fantasy world where players fight one another in PvP battles or explore the vast open world to face off against epic beasts and bosses. The presale that will start on June 29th 7PM EST will be a free mint for everyone who minted one of our Guardian NFTs and holds it until the snapshot on June 27th! Guardians can be minted at: httpss://uldor.com/mint


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