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ThaneCoin TPI

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Created using Figma
DeCentralising the Property Market with ThaneCoin
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The internet is changing. We are in the middle of a new revolution. The age old trusted institutions are being replaced by the blockchain which gives everyone a chance to check the authenticity of a transaction. The new system is fool proof. It is an open system. It is a peer to peer system with no middle man. The system has been proven ever since Satoshi Nakamoto created BitCoin and the first transaction was confirmed in January 2009. According to CoinMarketCapital the market capital of cryptocurrency is over 200 Trillion Dollars. The daily volume is almost 10 Trillion Dollars.

Our Aim is to DeCentralise the Property Market with ThaneCoin TPI. 93% of the funds from the sale of ThaneCoin TPI’s will be invested in properties in the UK. The company Thane Property Investments Ltd was incorporated in the UK. Our properties will never have any mortgage or loans attached to it. This would give us a free hand on how we rent our properties.

We strongly believe that without the creation of the cryptocurrencies (also known as altcoins) the development of the Blockchain will not progress. The ultimate goal of ThaneCoin TPI is to create a system where not only it will be available to purchase properties it can be used for everyday purchases small and large.

% name% Roadmap

  • November 2020

  • Tokens were created on the Stellar Platform.
  • January 2021

  • Tokens were made available to Hold, Send, Receive & Trade on the Lobstr noncustodial wallet.
  • March 2021

  • Stellar Wallet creation started.
    Massive 1 million TPI give away to create 10,000 trustlines started. Watch our video on how to participate to get your free Coins.


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