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17 Des 2019

Silverway is the first OTC marketplace that helps professional investors buy and sell private round tokens and access aggregated data and analytics on OTC transactions to support investment decisions.
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20 Jun 2019
20 Jun 2019
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SDTC Limited
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Jun 1, 2019
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Tentang Silverway

Silverway introduces an effective solution to an unstructured and non-transparent market segment, unlocking $4 bn worth of locked value. The current ecosystem already includes 750+ professional investors and hundreds of projects, and could potentially be opened up to far more accredited market participants.

The platform has been created by a team of former Goldman Sachs and Barclays Capital investment bankers and private equity professionals who have been amongst the pioneer professional investors in the crypto and blockchain sector. Silverway team has embarked on a journey to institutionalize the $4 bn private token sales market segment, making it more transparent and safe to invest.

SLV is Ethereum ERC20 utility token used for fee payment and additional platform purchases and subscriptions. The token ties the platform’s services together and allows Silverway’s investors to leverage platform growth, as every time a token is redeemed for fees or services, the smart contract burns a fixed percentage of the redeemed sum, while the rest is passed on to Silverway. This mechanism ensures that token value is dependent on platform usage.

% name% Roadmap

  • Research and Development

  • 3Q2018
    The emergence of Silverway concept
    Platform development (main functionality)
    Platform launch, v. β (beta): active deal pipeline and buy/sell functions
    - Extended platform functionality
    - Data on precedent OTC transactions and offers with 1000+ (and growing) deals/offers for more than 50 projects represented in chart/table view (available for subscribers).
    - Issue Silverway token on one of the leading blockchain platforms.
    - New complementary service on the platform: promotion of leading market maker and crypto lender services for investors, funds, and projects.
    - Partnerships with OTC brokers to facilitate deals with listed tokens .
    - Primary fundraising for blockchain projects through the Silverway platform.
    - New complementary services on the platform:
    - STOs.
    - Crypto derivatives.
  • Business and Marketing Development

  • 1Q2019
    - Business model testing
    - Onboarding of first investment funds
    - Achieve 50+ active buy and sell deals in the pipeline.
    - Press release launch in leading media sources.
    - Launch announcement channels in Telegram, WeChat, Twitter, Weibo, with regular updates on new deals on the platform and weekly/monthly updates .
    - Business development press release.
    - Set up business development teams and advisors in North America and Asia .
    - Partnerships with KYC and escrow service providers
    - Onboarding of 50 new investment funds .
    - Onboarding of 200 new accredited investors
    and investment funds .
    - Further relationships development both with investors and blockchain project teams .
    - Secure partnerships with market makers and crypto lending organizations
    - Team extension to accelerate business development in North America, Europe, and Asia
    - Participation in key industry conferences .
    - Onboarding 500 investment funds and accredited investors.
    - Establish partnerships with OTC brokers
    - Attract new blockchain projects and DApps looking for different sources of financing .
    - Continue social media and marketing activities .
    - Attract remaining established blockchain investors to the platform.
    - Build relationships with hundreds of family offices/UHNWI to onboard them to the platform.
    - Establish partnerships with the leading security token and crypto derivative exchanges .


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Silverway Tim

Diverifikasi 33%

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Anton Bogdanov
Project Manager
Adam Barker
Partner, North America
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Sergey Gurkin
CEO & Founder
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Mantan anggota

SJ Zhang
Partner, Asia
Dmitry Khovratovich
Technical advisor

Silverway Wawancara

Anton Bogdanov
As a team member, сan you tell us about your role in the ICO project?
Management of product development, operations, and client support. Also responsible for creation of marketing content and management of communities and social channels.
What do you think about idea?
There is a huge demand for private round tokens, but the market is highly fragmented and opaque. Silverway will increase the level of trust between parties in OTC deals and make this market much more transparent.

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