Sahara Token

Sahara Token

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Sahara Token is a multi-function token built on the Binance Smart Chain. Combined with its deflationary technology, BTC rewards, and liquidity increasing functions, Sahara is the token of the future.
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Tentang Sahara Token

Our Sahara Token Smart Contract automatically rewards holders with Bitcoin after each transaction. Following each transaction over 40% of the fee collected is used to purchase Bitcoin which is then shared among all unlocked wallets. Combined with our Anti-whale and deflationary functionality, SATO will prove to be the coin of tomorrow.

Our Mission, Simple. Our Technology, Unmatched

Sahara is a platform for the future. We’ve already built you a coin where you can automatically earn Bitcoin just by holding Sahara Token, there’s no need for you to buy high spec equipment and mine it yourself. With our Smart Contract we provide all the necessary tools, so you can just sit back and earn ‘Digital Gold’.

Building on BSC will support Sahara Token with high speed and low-cost transactions for the immediate future. Combined with the application of the token’s deflationary technology and other built-in features we know we’ve built a token for the future.


One of the major Benefits for holding SATO, is the ability to earn BTC doing nothing at all. Our Smart Contract also includes anti-whale, liquidity increase and auto buyback functions.

When you combine these functions it really does make us stand out from the crowd.


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