S-ONE Finance

S-ONE Finance

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S-ONE - THE app for crypto exchange beginners !

Store, Transfer, Exchange and Manage your crypto assets

In the easiest one-step Wallet
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Detail Token
Distribusi Token
70% Liquidity Mining Reward & Swapping Reward
20% Token sales
7.5% Advisor and Team Allocation
2.5% Liquidity Fund
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Tentang S-ONE Finance

S-ONE FINANCE is the decentralized solution for token swapping and staking. The system’s distinctive features are connected using ERC20 token: SONE. S-ONE system is the one-stop shop for users to enjoy the innovations of defi with lower risks, higher returns, and more convenient applications than existing solutions.

S-ONE FINANCE aims to be an ecosystem that is easy to handle even for the general public, and provides services at the following three points.

• Simple:Not only for the experts, S-one finance also allows beginner players to access usability.
• Sercurity:S-one finance protects customers' assets with a decentralized ecosystem.
• Saticfation:S-one finance brings maximum satisfaction to customers.


Always guarantee a one-to-one conversion rate

S-ONE Bridge guarantees a one-to-one exchange rate. For example, if you put 100 ERC20 SONE in S-ONE Bridge, you will always get 100 BEP20 SONE. On the contrary, if you put 100 BEP20 SONE in S-ONE Bridge, you will always get 100 ERC20 SONE.


S-ONE Bridge fees are deducted by ETH or BNB. When exchanging ERC20 SONE for BEP20 SONE, it will be deducted by ETH. When exchanging BEP20 SONE for ERC20 SONE, it will be deducted by BNB.

Lock 100,000,000 SONE

BEP20 SONE that can be exchanged for ERC20 SONE will be issued all at once. After all ERC20 SONE has been minted, the total supply of SONE will be 200 million, half of which will be locked in the S-ONE Bridge, ensuring that the circulating supply is always 100 million SONE.

% name% Roadmap

  • Q1 2021

  • • Roadmap published
    • Token economics and whitepaper released
    • S-ONE FINANCE PLAT FORM Development started
  • Q2 2021

  • • Private & Public Token Sales
    • Creating SONE version for ERC20 standard
  • Q3 2021

  • • Release S-ONE multi coin Wallet
    • SONE Listing at DEX & Major Crypto Exchanges
  • Q4 2021

  • • Development on-going and finished
    • S-ONE FINANCE PLAT FORM launching
    • Liquidity Farming
    • Swapping Pools are created

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