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Admit it, you care $more about price.

Since the only thing people really care about is the price of their asset going up, we've created a token that could easily do that.
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Bitcoins worst nightmare
After 5 years of DeFi we have come to 2 conclusion: People only care about the token going up versus USD. And all cryptos dip 86-99% and most never recover. Bitcoin is the biggest and most popular crypto but it only does 2 things: Send and Receive. How is this so? A lot of people will contribute this to Bitcoin being first. Is it the mining? Miners sell their coins to make profit so that can't be it. We think it comes down to 2 things.

Why $More?
The crypto space is filled with trash. Bitcoin Pollution. Tokens with Insanely unnecessary and complicated tokenomics. Worthless NFT's. And economy collapsing, sloth creating, Metaverse ideas. We think $More can do better than this with much less. Simply by using its 2 greatest features:


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