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Intelly is a future-oriented company that aims to combine real estate investment and blockchain technology.
Intelly enables investors from all around the globe to invest in real estate development and projects without the burdens traditionally associated with it. Investments will be done on the intel platform, using the INTL token.
With our F-NFT tokenization technology, we allow individuals to invest in tokenized real estate, This leads to smaller investment tickets, enabling low-capital investors to take part in real estate investing. Fractionalization is the key to a liquid real estate market.
Public sale
1 Jan 2022
31 Jan 2022
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Private Sale
15 Sep 2021
31 Des 2021
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  • 1 INTL
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Distribusi Token
Token Sale: 40%

Marketing: 10%

Liquidity Reserve: 25%

Founders: 13%

Team: 4%

Advisors: 3%

Exchange Listing: 5%
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Intelly Ltd.
Negara Terdaftar
United Kingdom
Perusahaan Didirikan
Sep 3, 2020
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Binance Smart Chain

Tentang Intelly

The Intelly Platform is the way to access real estate profitability with innovative investment options.

Get profit from investment options Development projects will be funded on the Intelly web platform where you will be able to invest with the INTL token. Intelly Exchange After an investment process has been completed, investors will receive Fractionalized-NFT’s of the asset. By holding the tokens, the investor will get a share of the profits generated by the asset. The tokens can be traded on the Intelly Exchange. The Intelly Wealth Fund Part of the revenue made by the Intelly platform and marketplace is invested in the IWF. Half of the profits generated by the IWF will be distributed to the token holders in stable USD coin currency using an airdrop function.

% name% Roadmap

  • Concept - FEB 2021

  • Concept Generation and Team Assemble
  • Research - MAY 2021

  • Market Research & International Relations
  • Token & Whitepaper - JUL 2021

  • Token Metrics Planning &
    Whitepaper Design
  • Private Sale - SEP 2021

  • Start of Private Sale
  • Baca lebih banyak
  • Media - NOV 2021

  • Start of Marketing Campaigns and
    Media Works
  • Negotiations - DEC 2021

  • Start of Negotiations with Developers and
    Financial Institutions
  • Funding - JAN 2022

  • Token Sale Completion,
    Start of Intelly Platform Development
  • Project IN - FEB 2022

  • Start of Project IN Phase 1
  • NFT - MAR 2022

  • NFT Dev Start
  • NFT Integration - MAY 2022

  • Start of Project IN Phase 2,
    NFT Integration to the System
  • Project Announcement - JUN 2022

  • First Real Estate Project Announcement
  • Intelly platform release - JUL 2022

  • Intelly Platform dev. Completion,
    First Real Estate Project Launch,
    Project IN Completion
  • Intelly Wealth Fund - AUG 2022

  • Establishing the Intelly Wealth Fund
  • Exchange Listing - SEP 2022

  • INTL First Exchange Listing
  • Intelly Exchange - DEC 2022

  • Intelly Exchange Integration
  • Major Exchange Listing - JAN 2023

  • INTL Token Being Listed on a Major
  • Metaverse - MAR 2023

  • Intelly Metaverse Development
  • Intelly Credit Integration - MAY 2024

  • Integration of the Intelly Credit System


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Intelly Tim

Diverifikasi 50%

Perhatian. Ada risiko bahwa anggota yang tidak diverifikasi sebenarnya bukan anggota tim

Özgür Oğul Koca
Head of FP&A
Carlos Tüzün
Head of Operations
Ismet Taşçeken
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Cevdet Taşçeken
tidak diverifikasi

Intelly Wawancara

Özgür Oğul Koca
As a team member, сan you tell us about your role in the ICO project?
I’m the head of finance at Intelly Tech. Planning the future growth and profitability for our investors. My main goal is creating a liquid real estate market to protect the real value of wealth and shorten the liquidation time frame.
What do you think about idea?
I believe that our platform and this way of looking in to real estate sector will change the way we invest on assets and developments forever. I believe the value of real estate will be much higher when liquidity grows larger. Other than liquidity I believe that this platform will give birth to new financial tools and with our integrations through the years, affordable housing all around the world.
Carlos Tüzün
As a team member, сan you tell us about your role in the ICO project?
I am the Head of Operations at Intelly. I am in charge of the day to day buisness. From investments to developments.I make them all run smoothly.
What do you think about idea?
Intelly creates new investment options not available before thanks to our F-NFT technology real estate tokenization, making it possible. Tokenization is the key for a liquid real estate market.
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