Century Social Club

Century Social Club

Created using Figma
Created using Figma
Century Social Club is a collection of 8,888 NFTs.
Every NFT gives access to the property right of our app !
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% name% Roadmap

  • Q3 2022, THE DAYS

  • Launch of the CENTURY SOCIAL CLUB project Creation of the community and presentation of the project behind the NFT collection. Principle: Construct an entirely new Social Ecosystem, the RealVolution Application directed by the community. This system is designed to be beneficial to all members of the community. Meta Designers christen the headquarters of the decentralized company. The Century Social Club project is underway!

    1. Launch of the discord
    2. Development of the community
    3. Creation of the RealVolution project and the RealV token
    4. Purchase of the Land on Decentraland for the creation of the RealVOLUTION Siege
    5. Release of 8,888 NFTS on the ETH blockchain
    6. Staking system set up
    7. Charity to support victims of war in Ukraine
  • Q4 2022, YEARS

  • Launch of a BETA of an application that will bring people together from diverse backgrounds under one project. You will have access to one of the most developed and designed WEB 3 applications with the most advanced augmented reality system.

    1. Event business & masterclass RealVolution
    2. Launch of the BETA version of the Application
    3. Launch of the large-scale marketing of the RealV token
    4. Conclusion of agreements with some of the world's most influential brands
  • Q4 2022, THE DECADE

  • V1.0, RealVolution will be launched, and the best company will sign the first contract to integrate the ecosystem. The app will include the first AR and 3D elements, and social interaction will begin. We will provide superior training to our community because we are aware that knowledge remains the most inexhaustible wealth.

    1. Launch of the app on iOS and Playstore
    2. RealVolution Mass Marketing
    3. Distribution of passive revenues generated by the Application
    4. Community vote for the expansion of the Application
    5. Development of new interaction for the token
  • Q1 2023, (END) OF THE CENTURY

  • RealVolution, thanks to you, will be everywhere! We are in a fast zone to complete the company headquarters based in the middle of Decentraland, and the Century Social Club will be well named because we have created the community of the century around a viral ecosystem mixing Defi, Nft, and mobile Applications. The Application will continue its development and its great collaborations with renowned companies. The token will have different uses within our ecosystem, and the project will be ready to start Phase 2.

    1. New augmented reality features
    2. Creation of partnerships
    3. RealV Token enters the Marketplaces
    4. Millennium Project starts


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