Aftermath Islands

Aftermath Islands

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Aftermath Islands is about ownership, creation, and community.
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30 Sep 2023
12 Okt 2022
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Tentang Aftermath Islands

Alongside the surge in blockchain-based virtual environments, the term Metaverse has risen to unforeseen prominence. Despite the new age fanfare, the term Metaverse was first introduced about 30 years ago in Neal Stephenson’s Snow Crash.

The Metaverse referred to a virtual reality-based successor to the internet, where players used digital avatars to explore an expansive online world. Over the years, the term has evolved, and several iterations of Metaverse-esq environments have arisen: Second Life, World of Warcraft, Fantasy Star Online, Fortnite, and Ready Player One’s Oasis to name a few.

However, none of these iterations encompass what the Metaverse truly is, and to date there is still not a definitive definition.



Aftermath Islands is a blockchain-based virtual reality interactive platform, consisting of theme based islands, communities and estates. Islands are divided into unique Virtual Land (VL) parcels, with land owners having autonomy over content published on their land. Users are able to buy, develop, and trade Virtual Land (VL), property, and items as NFTs.


Players will be able to engage with virtual environments, work, play, learn, and game in new and innovative ways, both online and offline. Aftermath Islands uses traditional game technologies, virtual reality, augmented reality, and mixed reality to create new forms of engagement.


Aftermath Islands is currently issuing pre-launch NFTs (later redeemable for virtual land and collectibles) on the WAX blockchain. These assets, and the blockchain-based components of Aftermath Islands will ultimately assume a multi-chain approach, expanding across multiple networks, users, and organizations.

% name% Roadmap

  • Phase 1 – H1 2022

  • • Virtual Land Sales
    • In-game item sales
    • Design Layouts
    • Website Launch
    • Storyline Creation
    • Brand Creative
    • ID Validation
    • In-game Utility Token container Sales (Piggy Banks)
  • Phase 2 – H2 2022

  • • Marketplace
    • Soft Launch Island Trials In-game communications Avatar Dev & ID
    • Staking program Creator program
    • Innovator Program
    • Multi-chain testing
    • Profession Testing
    • Crafting Testing
  • Phase 3 – H1 2023

  • • NFT wallet verify Islands Rollout
    • Community engagement Medallions
    • Creator grants Interoperability
    • In-game builder
    • Inter-island Transport System
    • Avatar creator
    • Ad platform
  • Phase 4 – H2 2023

  • • Governing Council
    • Island releases
    • Player leveling Profession leveling Event & Branding Education progs. Workplace progs. Community progs
    • Island gatin
    • Shopping Centers & Island Merchants


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Aftermath Islands Tim

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David Lucatch
Co-Founder, Managing Director
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Dinko Dinkov
Co-founder and Managing Director
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Rob Cole
Head of Production
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Craig Mccannel
Chief Financial Officer
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Lynn Cumiskey
Chief Compliance Officer
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Cara Buckspan
Marketing Manager
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James Bade
Creative Lead Designer
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Mariano Nicieza
Creative Director for Aftermath Islands
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Fabian Nicieza
Storyworld Developer
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Gordon Purcell
Pencil Artist
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Anwar Hanano
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Kirstine Danica Lim
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Laura Martin
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Richard Johnson
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Walter Figueroa
Pencil Artist
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