88 Coin

88 Coin

Created using Figma
Created using Figma
Sebuah kripto yang baru bertujuan untuk mengubah lanskap keuangan global.
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27 Okt 2017
27 Des 2017
100% lengkap
100% tujuan lengkap
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Ethereum, Waves
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Tentang 88 Coin

What is 88 Coin?

88 Coin is an innovative cryptocurrency poised to change the financial landscape on a global scale.  This open source currency will be the first step in removing the traditional limits of a FIAT based banking system.  With advanced blockchain technology as a foundation, any transaction, whether deposit, withdrawal or transfer, will be done in a near instantaneous and secure fashion.  This promises to be a significant improvement not only from existing financial institutions but from recent cryptocurrency advancements.  88 Coin’s structure will permit verification without 3rd party involvement, while allowing users freedom with their financial decisions.  These new-found efficiencies will erase borders literally opening up a world of possibilities.

Early adopters of 88 Coin will be well positioned in the current ICO environment to take advantage of this ground breaking opportunity.

The roadmap for any successful advancement requires benchmarks to integrate users fully into new technologies.  88 Coin will achieve this with the introduction of 88 Card.  Users can make regular transactions anywhere on the planet without the fear of their personal data being compromised.  At the same time earning cash back in the form of tokens as a reward program.  A shielded connection to a personalized 88 Wallet promises to deliver full confidentiality.  The 88 Wallet will offer a platform to store not only 88 Coin but other cryptocurrencies.  With built in flexibility,  88 Wallet holders will be able to respond to market volatility in a secure and efficient manner.


% name% Roadmap

  • JUNI 2016

  • Sekelompok ahli di bidang blockchain dan cryptocurrency, melakukan penelitian terperinci tentang manfaat blockchain dan peran yang akan diisi 88 Coin dan fitur unik apa yang akan membuatnya berdiri dari yang lain. Setelah penelitian yang sukses dilakukan, kami memutuskan untuk menerapkan pengembangan inti dan infrastruktur.
  • 18 August 2017

  • Pre-sale
  • JULY 2017

  • Start of presale registrations after almost a year of in-depth research and global market analysis. Alpha creation and testing began
  • 8 September 2017

  • Formal sale
  • Baca lebih banyak
  • OCTOBER 2017

  • First and Second stage of presales
  • 21 september 2017

  • ICO close
  • NOVEMBER 2017

  • The end of pre-sales and official launch of the 88 Coin.
  • 22 September 2017

  • Token issue
  • FIRST QUARTER of 2018

  • The launch of the 88 Wallet
  • SECOND QUARTER of 2018

  • Launch of the 88 Card


88 Coin Tim

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Markus Lee
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Susan Zhang
Blockchain Developer
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Blockchain Developer
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Leo Chen
Investment Banking
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Web Developer
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Stephanie Huang
Software Architect
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