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What type of XRPL RAINFOREST would it be without some rain. $XRAIN is aiming to become the most widely accepted payment option in the global RAINFOREST charity sector. Our primary goal is to aid the RAINFOREST FOUNDATION US Charity by combining Art & NFTs to raise funds and bring awareness to the foundation's preservation efforts. In time $XRAIN will become the world's ultimate Rainforest charity token!
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XRPL RAINFOREST will combine art and NFTs to help save the world's rainforest. We plan to donate a percentage of the profits from all our NFTs sold and give them to theRAINFOREST FOUNDATION US charity, which focuses on rainforest preservation efforts. Learn More

$XRAIN🌦🌴 will be given as a utility rewards token to $XParrot🦜 and $XChameleon🦎 token holders. Airdrops will be similar to ourDiscord Loyalty tier system. $XRAIN will also be available on the market for people to buy on multiple XRPL DEXs.

The $XRAIN token is special, it will be used in the XRPL RAINFOREST as a purchasing token! Each quarter there will be 100 Rare NFTs minted that can be purchased using $XRAIN. You will also have the the ability to claim exclusive merchandise or use $XRAIN as a payment mechanism in upcoming games. Holding $XRAIN will also be tied to a voting and governance feature and in the near future you will be able to use $XRAIN to donate directly to the Rainforest Foundation.

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  • Phase 1

  • Setup XRPL RAINFOREST Discord & Release Twitter
    Release Website & Whitepaper
    Release $XRAIN token on the XPRL
    One-Time Airdrop of $XRAIN to Pre-Market Purchased $XCHAM holders - Mid Feb 2022
    Release part 1/3 of the XRPL RAINFOREST Metaverse Short Movie! - Mid Feb 2022
    Start bi-weekly loyalty reward Airdrop of $XRAIN tokens to $XParrot & $XCHAM Holders - Early Mar 2022
    One-time Airdrop of $XRAIN to Greenlist - Late Mar 2022
    Finalize XRPL RAINFOREST 100 RARE NFTs (Season 1) - Late Mar 2022
  • Phase 2

  • Release XRPL RAINFOREST Merch
    Continue marketing campaigns to further build the XRPL RAINFOREST community.
    Complete 2022 Season 1 Minting of 100 RARE XRPL RAINFOREST NFTs
    Release part 2/3 of the XRPL RAINFOREST Metaverse Short Movie!
    Release a sneak peek of 2022 (Season 2) of the 100 RARE XRPL RAINFOREST NFT series to be minted early Q3.
    Release the full XRPL RAINFOREST Metaverse Short Movie! (3/3)
  • Phase 3

  • Complete 2022 Season 2 Minting of the 100 RARE XRPL RAINFOREST NFTs
    Further develop our XRPL RAINFOREST Metaverse vision
    Release a sneak peek of Q3 2022 (Season 3) of the 100 RARE XRPL RAINFOREST NFT series to be minted early Q4.
    Develop game concept based on the XRPL Rainforest Metaverse
    More news to come


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