Clown Coin

Clown Coin

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Clown coin is a binary smart chain network based on the BEP-20 token. A deflation mechanism will be built.
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BabyClown token was launched in July 2021 and is the fastest growing cryptocurrency in its class. BabyClown is completely decentralized. Its task is to bring passwords to more ordinary people. At the same time, BabyClown has learned some skills and lessons from his father, Clown token. A new coin initiated by the Clown operations team. BabyClown has also built-in an integrated smart tag system to reward you, so more BabyClown tokens in each transaction are automatically added to your wallet, and BabyClown tokens will also be connected with Clown, ecological advantages will make Clown family Become more valuable.

2、 BabyClown assists the NFT system BabyClown will develop the NFT system, and BabyClown will implement the DeFi function for the NFT system and help realize the NFT chain and transaction.

1. NFT potential
The current NFT market is a niche market that caters mainly to gamers and collectors. For example, NFT now allows in-game items and player records to be interoperable between games. In other words, the players items, achievements, experience points, etc. can be transferred in different games, thus enriching the overall experience. Non-financial institutions are also a safe haven for artists, who now find it easier to make money through currency. They can also easily verify that their work is unique, scarce, and therefore valuable. Using smart contracts, artists can even continue to make money through subsequent transactions of their artworks.

2. NFT system
While these areas are exciting, BabyClown hopes to move forward by integrating real-world assets with the blockchain. Now imagine that you can mint NFT for a rare Richard Mille watch, use it as collateral on the blockchain, and borrow some stablecoins from it for trading and investment purposes. BabyClown believes that this is the next step in the development of decentralized finance.

3. NFT Fragmentation Investment
If real-world assets can be placed on the blockchain as NFTs, it will provide another excellent opportunity to put these assets into use. In recent years, fragmented investment has
attracted more and more attention. In essence, fragmented  investment enables investors to invest in a portion of the property, rather than the entire property. This allows investors to obtain the benefits of owning property without large advance payments and without paying fees. The biggest advantage of fragmented investment is the low barriers to entry.

4. NFT auction
BabyClown will launch the NFT bidding mechanism. The NFT auction function effectively maximizes the expected revenue or goal of the auctioneer, and achieves the highest value of the artwork. At the same time, a fair and just bidding mechanism is given to users (bidders). The NFT auction function allows users to bid for NFTs through a mark-up auction (British auction method). Every new bidder can finally get a chance to win the NFT by increasing the price. Until the seller accepts the offer, the auction is completed. The specific auction mechanism is as follows: In the bidding process, the bidding of the auction target objects increases in order from low to high according to the bidding ladder, and the highest bidder becomes the winner of the bidding. The seller (the creator of this auction) can accept any bid at any time, and there is no time limit. Any user can bid on NFTs that are currently on sale or not on sale. Sellers can decide which bids they want to accept. Buyers/bidders can cancel the bids at any time before the bids are accepted. This ensures that no one will get stuck in any bids and also provides users with information on unsold NFTs. Bidding ability.


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