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YoloVerse is a gamified yield-farming protocol on the Binance Smart Chain incorporating utility NFTs
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Détails du jeton
Offre totale
95 000 000
Distribution de jetons
Token Holders 70 600 000 72.7%
Total Reward Fund 20 000 000 20.6%
Loyalty Fund 2 000 000 2.1%
Liquidity Pool* 3 500 000 3.6%
Developer Fund* 450 000 0.48%
Giveaway Fund 350 000 0.36%
Artist Fund 150 000 0.16%
Détails supplémentaires
Binance Smart Chain
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Sur YoloVerse

With the support of the YoloDraw community, we have been developing custom contracts with
unique concepts unseen in any Decentralized Finances (DeFi) ecosystem. After a month of successfully
launching YoloDraw, we have gathered significant performance data to optimize the protocol.
However, the core mechanics carry over to the second version and serve as the backbone for the
Yolonaut and Loyalty NFT systemYoloVerse, YOLOV bridges the benefits of yield farming, rank-based utility NFTs (BEP721), yield-bearing
NFTs (BEP721), advanced vault strategies, and future utility contracts. These developments help
YOLOV become a leader in the yield farming & NFT sub-sector of crypto.


Foremost, YOLOV (V2) improves rewards distribution by prioritizing autonomous functioning and
emphasizing self-sustainability. We decoupled the Yolonaut NFT rewards from the minimum BNB
swap requirements, rejecting any distribution delays during low-volume periods. We also reduced the
yield distribution frequency allowing for more punctual delivery.
Additionally, gas efficiency upgrades improve protocol autonomy. We removed the requirement for
500 individual transfers to each address with state iterations. Instead, V2 requires only a single
transfer to the NFT contract while still performing the state variables changes. Consequently, the gas
reduction is considerable, decreasing from approximately 22 000 000 gas to 500 000 Gas (x44
optimization or a 97% gas reduction).
In YOLOV, the reward sustainability comes from various improvements. We have adopted a dynamic
fee with a transfer scaling mechanism—the fee scales with the reward fund and total token supply
having a maximum of 7% at any time. If the reward fund is above 30% of the total token supply, BNB
to YOLOV exchanges will incorporate a burn phase fee—2% fee to the reward fund and 5% token
burn. If the reward fund falls below 30% of the total supply, the fee on BNB swaps switches to 5% for
the reward fund and 2% for the LP-Growth contract. Regardless of fund size, 7% of every swap directs
to the LP-Growth protocol.
Likewise, Loyalty NFT claim fees and Yolonaut NFT burn fees replenish the reward fund. Expediting
rank evolution of an Yolonaut spot injects 80% of the rank upgrade cost back into the fund. The rank
upgrade mechanism benefits the user and the entire protocol with fortified and sustained rewards.
Furthermore, we are developing vaults, augmenting additional strategies to swap for more YOLOV to
infuse into the reward fund.
For V2, we also emphasize liquidity pool growth. The V2 LP-Growth contract collects 7% from token
swaps. Dynamic fee from both the Loyalty NFT claim and Yolonaut NFT burn fees also supply the
protocol. Within the contract, half of these collected tokens are exchanged for BNB/BUSD and then
added to the remaining 50% to create additional LP tokens. The LP-Growth protocol helps bolster and
retain protocol value, thus reducing overall swap size impact and allowing less restrictive trading on
the pair. In the future, we aim to explore various DEX's that will provide additional benefits promoting
higher yields.
Lastly, we are hardcoding the exclusion (from protocol fee) of five specific Binance Hot Wallet
addresses for V2. We aim to list on Binance's Innovation Zone, ultimately leading to regular trading
and possible upcoming NFT Binance Marketplace listing. This will allow the listing of YOLOV on
Binance's centralized exchange.


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Croissance de 30 jours:

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88.404 M YOLOV
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