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Vitalik Token

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Created using Figma
22 août 2017
22 sept. 2017
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About  Who is Vitalik?

Vitalik Facts

Why are we really doing it?

All the money we collect will be donated to ALS foundations.

What is ALS? you can read about it here.

So your money will actually go for a good purpose.

Why ALS? I hope you will never know how hard is to take care of a child with this terrible disease..

  • Vitalik is primarly known as a co-founder of Ethereum.

  • 3 different model agencies suggested Vitalik to be a model.

  • Vitalik declined all the model agencies offers. Just because he thought they won't be able to handle with his beauty.

  • Putin has a monthly meeting with Vitalik so he can consult with him what is the best for Russia.

  • When Vitalik was 3 years old he counted to infinity.

  • Vitalik has about 550,00 ETH. Probably after this ICO he will have only 540,000.

  • Vitalik can mine dragon glass. He also slept with the red woman.

  • Vitalik has approximately 1.3m children. He calls them ICOs.

  • In 2020 the most common name won't be Mohamed anymore. It will be Ahmed (no, not Vitalik).

  • Vitalik doesn't drink. But he knows things.

  • One day Vitalik will rule the world. Ohh wait, maybe it's Putin?

  • Satoshi made bitcoin so that Vitalik could introduce ETH. Decentralization was just an excuse.

  • The first time the next sentence was said was at the birth of Vitalik:

It's gonna be Legen -wait for it- dary.

  • Do you have more Vitalik facts?! Tweet us and we might list it.


Don't you know who Vitalik is?

Jesus. Even Putin know who he is.

Stop wasting your time and google it. Let me do it easier for you - link.


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