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Strength and Opportunities:
Development of the AERGO platform doesn’t start from scratch. Instead a lot of the AERGO Chain is based on COINSTACK, that was developed by Blocko and is already tested with enterprise customers. AERGO wants to allow developers to build upon its platform in widely used programming languages such as SQL, C++, Golang, JavaScript and Python. This is in contrast to Ethereum, the currently biggest smart contract platform, that requires developers to code in Solidity. However, AERGO is not alone with this approach, e.g. it is also possible to build on the smart contract platform Neo with C, Java, JavaScript and Python.
Weaknesses and Threats:
AERGO is targeting particularly the enterprise blockchain space. It needs to be noted that the Ethereum Enterprise Alliance has already many big corporations as members, including Microsoft, BP and UBS. The alliance was founded in March 2017 and has today a significant advantage over other projects in terms of enterprise blockchain adoption. Besides the Ethereum Enterprise Alliance many other significant blockchain platforms, such as IOTA or VeChain, have formed meaningful alliances with enterprises.
In the short run the solid team, a good concept that is already partially proved by Blocko and a broad net of advisors are indicators for a successful ICO. The experience of Blocko in the enterprise blockchain space will be very valuable at the beginning of the AERGO project. It needs to be seen whether this is enough to compete against established blockchain platforms such as Ethereum in the long ru

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ICON, Wanchain, Edenchain, i.e. Korean ICO's tend to do well in the secondary market. The parent company of Aergo i.e. Blocko is already a leading blockchain technology company with operations in the UK and South Korea and has over 30 enterprise clients.This shows the experience they have in blockchain sector and I believe they can very well execute the plans stated in the whitepaper of Aergo.

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ICO Drops
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Ian Balina

01-July: Actually, AERGO they sold out. So there isn't really anything to wait for from AERGO, but based on my research though it was an all-star. Link
13-July: I already sold out to my knowledge I did have that as an all-star, although I didn't confirm the token metrics. They sold out before I have finished the research.

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Crypto Briefing

The AERGO ICO offers a product that combines the best of both private and public blockchains into one package. Features including interoperability, ease of integration and an array of tools and services developed to meet the demands of existing clients make AERGO a strong contender in the realm of enterprise blockchain development solutions.

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Our thoughts on buying the tokens for flipping and investing for the long term are as follows:
For flipping: S
​AERGO has a reminiscence to ICON, one of the best ICO project in the last year, in various ways (backed by an established blockchain team, lots of existing enterprise users, Korean team). 
We believe that the project will do very well out of the gate, even in the current market environment.
For long-term holding: A
​Being backed by Blocko brings a number of advantages (experienced team in blockchain development, client list, and instant recognition). It helps AERGO both on the technical and business development front. Therefore, we believe AERGO has a good chance to be successful in the long run.
A lot of other cryptocurrency analyses focus on the technical side. While that is important, we also believe that the team with the best tech doesn’t necessary win. It is the user experience and adoption of the technology that ultimately matter. This is best explained in the well-studied business case of the videotape format war.

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Coin Bloq

Hype and Team score updated from 7.5 to 8. No MVP is available yet.

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Overall, for the reasons listed, Picolo affirms its rating on Aergo:
• Aergo’s leverage on Blocko’s experience and client network enhances the project’s success
• Potential opportunities in a growing FAAS market and various use cases across multiple industries
• One of the early movers offering an enterprise solution on both public and private blockchains. Not withstanding the above, Picolo acknowledges that Aergo will be entering a competitive space surrounded by major tech companies. In addition, not having an MVP or Github increases the investment risk of a project. Lastly, information with regards to token sale has been limited to our knowledge but Picolo analysts will continue to monitor any developments and update the rating accordingly should the token metrics deviate significantly against our current assessment.
In light of the preceding, we recommend a ‘Speculative Buy’ rating on Aergo for investors seeking both short and long-term exposure.

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Crypto Calibur

AERGO is one of the stronger ICO projects and has serious backing in the form of Blocko Inc., which provides a variety of tech solutions for a host of established companies such as Cisco, Hyundai-Kia Motors, IBM, Microsoft Azure, SK Telecom, Samsung, and LG. The team is strong and maintains a good balance between technical knowledge and expertise in business development and marketing. This will prove crucial to AERGO fending off competition from companies such as Microsoft, IBM, JP Morgan, and R3 who are all developing blockchain solutions for enterprises, and SAP who have recently developed and launched their Cloud Platform Blockchain Services.

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Shin Chan

Use Case: 4th Generation blockchain fuel for autonomous business
Remarks: Information from third party, awaiting more information.

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ICO review website

Competition in the sphere of scalable dApp-protocols is more severe than in others, so it has to be taken into consideration. The existing blockchains, though not as scalable as AERGO might become, still have first-mover advantage and might be better off if they introduce scalability features, such as Lightning network, Sharding, Plasma, State Channels. 

AERGO aims to create a scalable blockchain. Aergo has three major architectural functions, which together form the AERGO platform: Aergo Chain, Aergo Hub, and Aergo Marketplace. AERGO Chain is the public internet of blockchains. It aims to include an SQL based smart contract platform as well as advanced features, such a distributed version and concurrency control.
AERGO Hub is the public interface into the underlying AERGO Chain. AERGO Marketplace is a marketplace for apps, computing resources, and other sources for AERGO Chain.
The website domain was created on May 13th 2018. The product development started in January 2018. The public sale will happen in August 2018. The beta version of the protocol is expected in Q3 2018, the testnet launch is planned for Q4 2018. Mainnet is expected in Q1 2019. The Hub & Marketplace launch scheduled for Q3 2019.
There is no link to Github.

Smart contract execution within AERGO chain is intended to require the AERGO native token to support running costs. Transactions on AERGO chain intend will be subject to fees. Users need to pay fees depending on the gas mechanism. AERGO is proposed to follow a similar gas mechanism to Ethereum. Users must pay a gas fee according to the amount of work is necessary for the virtual machine to execute the contract in question. The gas parameters are intended to be calculated and tested on the Test-net.

AERGO received investments from FBG Capital, GBIC, Lemnsicap, Dekrypt Capital, Block Crafters Capital. Overall, AERGO will issue 500M of tokens. 30% of tokens will be sold during the token sale. According to official telegram chat, private sale room has been filled. Public sale details will be announced later, it is expected in August.
More token metrics have not been yet announced.

 The team is scattered across different time zones. They are located in London, South Korea, Hong Kong, and New York. Several team members are still employed at Blocko, according to their LinkedIn pages.

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Market Competitive environment:
Although there are not many competitors right now, the project is hitting the space with well-funded companies, strong teams, and already developed infrastructure.
Non-ICO competitors:
R3 Corda – raised $ 100+ mln from different VCs, during diverse investing rounds, signed more than 100 partnerships;
Hyperledger – the project is patronaged by the Linux Foundation. Corporate and Associate membership ranks swelled to nearly 200;
Direct competitors in the blockchain space:
Aion – raised $ 20M, capitalization – $ 150M, ROI USD - 0,9x;
Wanchain - raised $ 35,9M, capitalization – $ 225,15M, ROI USD - 6,34x;
Blocknet - ICO wasn’t held, capitalization - $ 60M
Cognida – in the stage of preparation, capitalization is not available;

The project advantages:
Support of public and private blockchains;
Ability to run the program either on the private or public network;
The project is developing on the base of the successful working blockchain product COINSTACK with a big user base and adoption from enterprise companies;
Simplified smart contract language;
Well-developed infrastructure;
Very high TPS;

The project popularity in the social networks and discussion forums
The project is detected on the radar of the next influencers: Mandy, ICO Drops, Ian Balina, CrushCrypto, Crypto Briefing.
Twitter: 1,8k followers, There are only 4 posts, average number of likes per post is 30, average number of retweets per post is 15, average number of comments under the post is 1, user activity is low.
Medium: 301 followers, there are only 5 posts, the average number of likes per post is 50 without any discussion in the comment section, user activity is low.
Telegram: 24,3k members, admins on the Telegram-channel are responding quickly, user activity is high.

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