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Our project is oriented towards social needs. We promote equality and freedom of speech. We create decentralized platforms to combat fraud in games, lack of privacy in the messaging, and political censorship in the social media.
1 juin 2021
1 août 2021
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50% - IEO
20% - Muffin Smart Contracts (Games)
20% - ICO
15% - Airdrop
5% - founder & team
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Binance Smart chain
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Sur Muffin

Muffin (MFN) token is a stunning BEP20 token with some special features. Our token provides an amazing user experience - fast transactions and low fees. It can also serve as a store of value as it is a deflationary token. The tokens belong to the community!

* Limited supply - 210M
* Deflation policy - 0.5% of each transaction will be burned
* HODL incentives - 0.5% of each tranasction will be distributed to active HODLers
* Dividends from our Muffin programs


* We have created a platform where you can take part in the pre-sale of brand-new tokens, airdrops, giveaways and charity fundraising.

* We are working on an encrypted p2p chat that developers will be able to implement in their projects.

* We are working on open-source anti-fraud solutions for games. In addition, we are designing a few blockchain-based games! They will be available on our platform soon.

* We also plan to create a crypto payment gateway (BNB, MFN and other tokens) for centralized clients, e.g. online stores. Our goal is to create an easy solution to popularize cryptocurrencies for EVERYONE!

% name% roadmap

  • Muffin

  • 1. Run Muffin.Fund platform
    2. Initial Coin Offerings
    3. Run Muffin.Cash platform - blockchain games
    4. Initial Exchange Offerings
    5. Deploy Crypto payment gateway


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