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LiteBurn is introducing LIBU(Bep-20 token) aiming to unify the Crypto community around the idea of a smooth transition to use Sustainable sources only for future Crypto mining activities. Our Green Wallet will allow users to safely trade, swap, and purchase different crypto assets in new trusty fully decentralized eco-system.
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Détails du jeton
Offre totale
Distribution de jetons
10% Locked in a Charity Wallet (public accessible and transparent)
5% Earmarked for LiteBurn.crypto Green Wallet launch
70% Public sale (PancakeSwap) and future exchanges

(10% Distributed in presale (buy limits 0.1 BNB -1 BNB) liteburn.crypto
25% Initial Burn Token and 1% weekly burn until 50% burn cap reached
10% Held in the Team Wallet for Marketing and Development to help our Growth)
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Sur LiteBurn

LiteBurn is a green-focused community-driven token that will not only apply a weekly 2% burn depending on trading volume, 4% redistribution fee instantly to all holders, but also swap 4% of tokens from every transaction to BNB and send it to the liquidity pool on a weekly volume basis

Consumption With the increasing consumption of energy for Crypto Mining, we came to the point to choose which path the crypto future should follow. Don't look away and join us.   Branding LiteBurn is introducing LIBU, a new cryptocurrency (BEP-20 Token) and smart contract ecosystem where all existing and future sustainable projects can join forces.   Marketing Cryptocurrencies can be Swapped, Transferred, Stored and Used for their purpose. Be among the first to join our community and do your part in the Crypto revolution. OWN THE CHANGE   Latest developments have focused on global cryptocurrency's environmental impacts. To protect the future of decentralised finance and transactions, sustainability for the world is vital. Read more about how LiteBurn advances the industry while developing a sustainable ecosystem for blockchain.

This is something we put our foundations on LiteBurn is executing new yet practical options that will allow us to enhance as many lives as possible, using this token as our point of view.

While many charity and eco tokens are dedicated to specific humanitarian concerns, LiteBurn is more concerned with the larger picture. The Crypto revolution is turning into a tool that allows us to address classic challenges from a new perspective as its popularity and adaptability rise. Check Out Our Portfolio

We aim to unify all crypto enthusiasts in a single decentralised marketplace and will grow together while enriching all investors involved in the Evolution of Crypto as we know it today

Energy Efficiency


  In the fast-growing crypto world, we see a wide variety of projects focused on every possible field of our everyday life. While some of these projects require low energy supply and does not harm our planet and ecosystem, others have a significant impact on global energy consumption and recently became the “Elephant in the room”. Green Wallet Project     We envision a society in which technology serves as the great equalizer, allowing everyone to succeed. We welcome our investors to join us in this new democracy's creation.
   Liteburn is introducing LIBU, a new cryptocurrency (BEP-20 Token) and smart contract ecosystem.
   Our mission is to create an eco-friendly “Green Wallet” where people owning eco-friendly cryptocurrencies can swap, transfer or purchase different digital assets. Creative We do believe that it is not too late to reverse this process and shift from high-energy demand enterprises to green and eco-friendly mining practices, but should we?   Change This process is inevitable and will benefit all humans and our planet’s sustainable future. Shall we build together with our future Crypto World while enriching all involved?   Project It is time to drive the change and introduce our project LiteBurn which will put together in a single decentralised marketplace for every cryptocurrency holder with similar beliefs.

% name% roadmap

  • Phase 01

  • Website launch safe and secure
    White Paper finished and accessible
    Road map Part 1 finished
    Social media up and running
    Marketing campaign and community building
    Pre-sale available
    Liquidity Locked for 2 years
    Launch on Pancakeswap
    PancakeSwap ICON added
  • Phase 02

  • Token info on BscScan for transparency
    Aggressive Marketing push
    Expanding community on a global scale
    BlockFolio request (Holders UPVOTE)
    Expanding team and hiring aggressively
    Growing community and paid adverts
    Setting up Airdrops across the web
    Coin Market Cap listing
    Additional marketing boost (project Apollo)
  • Phase 03

  • Coin Gecko listing
    PooCoin listing and Adverts
    Smart Contract Audit done
    First Exchange listing
    Major Marketing push
    Growing community
    AMA (Ask me Anything) LIVE weekly
    Two additional Big Exchanges listing
    Additional core project hiring
  • Phase 04

  • Starting core project “Green Wallet”
    Creating layout design for our Wallet
    Agreements for future Wallet Partners update
    Presenting Beta Wallet for community voting
    Joining Major sustainability projects
    Getting global media attention
    Huge Exchange listings
    Update to Road map Part 2
    Fasten your seatbelts while braking Gravity forces


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Croissance de 30 jours:

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