KStarCoin ICO

KStarCoin ICO

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KStarCoin est capable d'activer des transactions de type P2P entre particuliers avant même l'enregistrement, et est optimisé pour mettre en œuvre des contrats intelligents qui requièrent une fiabilité et une transparence élevées telles que les campagnes de crowdfunding et les paiements. Par conséquent, KStarCoin peut être utilisé pour diverses activités liées aux contenus Hallyu telles que "K-Pop performance crowdfunding", "K-Star performance ticket sales" et "K-Star goods sales" grâce à notre propre plate-forme basée sur la technologie block chain, qui sera le centre des devises liées à Hallyu qui sont échangées de manière sécurisée et active entre les 8 millions d'adeptes de KStarLive.com et les fans de Global Hallyu.
9 janv. 2018
9 févr. 2018
100% terminé
$6 945
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objectif 5 000.00 ETH
Casquette 50 000.00 ETH
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    1 ETH
9 nov. 2017
8 janv. 2018
100% terminé
0% objectif terminé
objectif 5 000 000.00 KSTARCOIN
Casquette 50 000 000.00 KSTARCOIN
  • 1000 KSTARCOIN
    1 ETH
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South Korea
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Sur KStarCoin ICO

The equation of concert planning has always started from and consisted of concert producers, organizers and artists. KStarCoin plans to change that equation.

KStarLive will implement a crowdfunding and marketing influencer protocol to provide a pre-sale + promotional event discounts to fans, while partnering up with influencers (which may include fans/users) within the platform for self-promotion of the event. This allows fans to support their favorite artists and significantly increase the ability of concerts, of their favorite artists, to take place in Korea and their local country.

This is accomplished by introducing a smart-ticketing protocol built upon the Ethereum blockchain that will facilitate the sale of event tickets by issuing smart tickets to wallet addresses on the blockchain. The owner of such a smart ticket is also free to anonymously sell his or her ticket but has to do so within the decentralized infrastructure of the protocol. This ensures that ticket trades are done safely and within a set price margin.

Also, influencers are individuals who have a large social media following and are paid by brands in an effort to direct some of their traffic to said brands. Though it is a common practice, it has its challenges since the terms of the contracts vary from brand to brand and influencer to influencer, without transparency. Blockchain-based smart contracts can be written to reduce potential conflicts arising during cross- promotional engagements. These self-executing smart contracts can automatically pay the influencer once he or she has published the agreed-upon promotional content. This would alleviate any potential issues between the advertiser and the influencer as the terms of the contract and the payment obligation would be coded into the smart contract.
There are also value added to original players in the market. Ticket fraud and secondary ticket prices are problems that had artists and their fans have worried about since the times of Shakespeare and Seo Taiji. At least 1/4 of all tickets sold are purchased via bots or scammers and resold at prices that are 200 - 300% or even up to 1000% of the original price. The ticket market is non-transparent, and inexplicable transaction costs added to tickets are common practice among ticketing companies.

The solution is a blockchain based event ticketing protocol used booking companies and marketing influencers that will make secondary market ticket prices and ticket fraud occurrences disappear. The protocol will offer these features while providing absolute transparency for all parties involved from the artist to the fan.


  • Aime les stars et la culture coréennes.
  • Est orienté vers les mobiles.
  • Est centré sur les femmes et sensible aux tendances.

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Jeton standard Ethereum ERC20.

% name% roadmap

  • 05.2016

  • KStarLive.com Launch.
  • 04.2017

  • KStarLive.com Reaches 5M Followers on Facebook.
  • 08.2017

  • KStarLive.com Reaches 7.5M Followers on Facebook and Breaks through as the Top Hallyu Related Page on Facebook.
  • 09.2017

  • 2017 Korea Music Festival Collaboration (With Fandom School).
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  • 10.2017

  • 2017 Busan One Asia Festival Collaboration (With SBS Media net).
  • 11.2017

  • Start of KStarLive.com KStarCoin Early Pre-Sale.
  • 1Q.2018

  • Development of KStarCoin K-Pop Community and Concert Crowdfunding Platform.
    Start of KStarCoin Pre-Sale.
  • 2Q.2018

  • Partnering up with K-Beauty Product Supplier.
    Start of KStarCoin Crowdsale.
    Reaching 10MM Followers on Facebook.
  • 3Q.2018

  • KStarCoin Crowdfunding Platform Beta Launch.
    Launch KStarCoin Crowdfunding Platform and Start K-Pop Concert Funding Campaign.
    Start of KStarCoin Exchange.
  • 4Q.2018

  • Initiate Various Crowdfunding Campaigns for K-Star Goods Production and Idol Music Production Support, etc.
    Start of Facebook and Other SNS Live Broadcast by K-Star.
    Ticket sales for K-Pop Concert.
    KStarLive.com's 1st K-pop Concert through Crowdfunding.
    Reaching 20MM Followers on Facebook.
  • 1Q.2019

  • Partnering with SBS, MBC, and Other Stations for New Idol Survival Programs.
    1st KStarLive.com K-Pop Music Awards.
  • 2Q.2019

  • Holding a K-Pop Concert for Global Fans, Partnering up with Broadcasting Channel(s).


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KStarCoin ICO Équipe

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Lee Hee-Yong
Jeong Ji-Eun
Kang Su-Ah
Cho Won-Kwon
Head of Development
Robertus Willy
Operations Director


Vérifié 100%

Lim Jong-Gi
John Yohan Kim
Kim Young-Do

KStarCoin ICO Entretiens

Why participate in KStarCoin pre-ICO?
KStarLive.com has been now running for about a year and seven months, and has been able to confirm that Korean culture, K-pop, and K-Drama are loved by fans around the world. Currently, a new word called "Hallyu" is created and recognized by many fans and the public. Our service is to provide fans around the world with a selection of videos and news content on a variety of platforms, tailored to the level of the fans. As a result of our response, we have gained 8 million followers in less than one year and seven months.
Through this KStarCoin ICO, we will make our services more accessible to fans around the world and make it easier and faster to communicate with Korean stars. Through KStarCoin, fans can host crowdfunding to meet Korean stars, and they will be able to safely purchase Korea-related products such as K-Pop performance tickets and souvenirs. In addition, Hallyu stars will be able to communicate with fans around the world through our service and KStarCoin. Our service and KStarCoin will grow with the growth of Hallyu. Through this, Hallyu fans around the world will be able to easily access various cultural activities related to Hallyu stars, and we will serve as a medium. Our service will be at the center of the Global Hallyu culture and will be the center of this new culture.
What is KStarCoin and what can be expected from it?
KStarCoin will be the central currency for K-Pop global performance crowdfunding and ticket sales, and will become an important payment instrument for K-Beauty Commerce. KStarCoin will be a necessary and important currency for global fans who love the Korean Wave and potential customers who want to buy Korean products. Therefore, the value of KStarCoin will continually increase.
What is an ICO and pre-ICO?
An ICO (Initial Coin Offering) is a mechanism for simulating funds under the condition that future encrypted currencies are sold as virtual currency. If ICO pays a bit coin or other coin, you can get a new project token. This is another realization of the crowdfunding model. Participants fund the company's development to gain future corporate profits.
Pre-ICO: Before ICO and collecting project funds. It will be conducted to test and verify requirements for the project, receive community support, and expand marketing expectations prior to the ICO.
Not every ICO has a Pre-ICO.
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