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En utilisant la technologie Blockchain dans le fonctionnement de la plateforme G-Global permet de créer plate-forme, qui n'a pas d'analogues.
5 mai 2018
6 juin 2018
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1 mars 2018
1 mai 2018
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Sur G-Global

Benefits of the Project

The platform G-Global beta already created provides experts with work, and companies with professional staff. Unlike its predecessors, G-Global will successfully cope with all the listed industry-specific problems through implementation of the Blockchain technology and introduction of G-GLOBAL tokens.

Here, we list the main features of G-Global:

Transparency. The Blockchain-based technology removes the information asymmetry on the platform.The data on the work performed is stored in the system and publicly available, each user can be convinced of the good faith of the other participant. It is important that this image story can neither be deleted nor faked.

Trust. Financial relations on the platform are regulated by smart contracts.The cost of each consultation shall be determined from the very beginning, the money transferred only if the service is performed in good faith.Thus, smart contract is an instrument for settling any disputes: if the execution environment for the smart contract is not confirmed, the transaction will not be conducted. One of the goals of the adviser on interaction with the expert community and business schools, Wenjie Cao, will be the increasing of the platform value, which in turn increases the value of rating and platform membership.

Rating system. The platform offers the same opportunities both for beginners and experienced workers, however, as the contracts are being carried out, each participant has an individual rating formed.

The primary rating of the user is formed after the profile is filled in with personal and professional information, experience specified and examples of works attached. Also, assessments of the completed assignments and activity on the portal are taken into account, e.g. providing advisory services, participating in discussions, adding notes to the feed, and commenting on the publications of other participants. The overall estimate includes contributions from specific gravity of each of the criteria. The system also makes up the typology of the expert's personality for building the most effective intertype relationships between agents.To display a list of consulting experts, a scoring system has been developed with due consideration of a number of elements such as completeness of the profile, amount of information in the announcement, total given advice, the user's rating and activity. This is how fair conditions are achieved for all G-Global participants.

Machine learning. The main version of the platform will implement standard search functionality for a wide range of criteria. Upon reaching Hard Cap, we will implement machine learning using David Chen’s techniques and consultations, which will let the users find not only experts’ answers to the questions similar to the client's request, but also work in related topics. Machine learning is especially effective when selecting personnel for startups and narrow-focused tasks. The system will allow finding a professional who is most likely to satisfy the customer's needs in a situation where a fundamentally new service/work is required that knows no equals.

Proportional comission. The platform fee is charged in G-GLOBAL tokens at a rate of 15% of the transaction amount.

Referral program. Each user can invite new members and receive 15-30% of the system profit.This will reduce the cost of marketing for the attraction of new experts and customers.

The program will let active members of the community, as well as platform backers, gain extra profit from the development of the project, in addition to investing in tokens. Attracting new participants is beneficial both to experts who receive more orders, and to clients who have the opportunity to hear more opinions, including relating to narrow-focused topics

Bureaucratic and tax optimization. For experts, it is much more profitable to provide services through the platform, rather than look for work in a traditional way. Payment is made in crypto currency, therefore, taxation is not provided. The platform releases customers from excessive bureaucracy and simplifies the hiring procedure by times. The platform help companies to save on taxes, insurance and pension contributions, as well as hire a foreign specialist without unnecessary bureaucracy, in the implementation of this advantage will be used the experience and competence of the advisor for financial and legal issues, Haroon Cheema. Thanks to the platform and smart contracts system, no employment agreement is required, and there is no need to pay numerous extra contributions, which makes the life of each participant in the process much easier.


  • Utilisation des capacités de l'IA & nbsp;
  • Rassemblement d’une équipe de spécialistes du chat vidéo
  • Utilisation des jetons Services de conseil
  • Transparence intégrale & nbsp;
  • Économisez sur les taxes & nbsp;
  • Fonds d’investissement G-Global & nbsp;
  • Soutien de la communauté d'experts & nbsp;
    & nbsp;

% name% roadmap

  • November 2013

  • Registration of the non-profit association and G-Global Development Community (registration number 80363863) Denis Tsyro and Hanon Barabaner in Tartu, Estonia
  • February 2014

  • Establishment of G- Global Business Portal OÜ in Estonia.
  • Till 2017

  • Development of a minimal working version of the product with audio / video chats, individual and group.
  • January - February 2018

  • Pre-ICO.
  • Lire la suite
  • March - April 2018

  • ICO.
  • September 2018

  • Launch of Beta version with full functionality for testing the system.
  • January 2019

  • Official release. Start of marketing activities.


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G-Global Équipe

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Hanon Barabaner
Scientific leader of the project
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Denis Tsyro
The founder of the project
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Murat Karimsakov
Leader’s Deputy of the International Secretariat o...
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Andrey Dekelbaum
Front-end developer, designer
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Nikolai Lanec
Back-end developer
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Alvin Roth
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Mihhail Korb
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David Chen
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Volodymyr Malyshkin
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Ben Goertzel
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G-Global looks like a good long-term investment. They are providing a network that has huge potential for both small entrepreneurs and large global corporations alike. It also opens up the door for experts in any field to get paid for their knowledge and consulting. Although it may take a few years for their roadmap to be fully completed, once they launch, G-Global is set to make a huge impact.

More Options For Businesses: G-Global is going to provide businesses with a global network of consultants. They won’t have to keep on choosing from the same small pool.
ERC-20 Protocol: G-Global runs on the Ethereum blockchain network which is proven to be both secure and efficient.
High Goals: G-Global plans to have a fully operational AI consulting service by 2020.

Network Could Take a While To Grow: G-Global has high goals and a detailed roadmap. However, it may take a few years for this network to develop fully.

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