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CFX Quantum

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CFX Quantum brings a disruptive ecosystem for investors based on Quantum and blockchain technology. CFX Quantum was born after more than 30 years in financial analysis and management. During his career, founder and CEO, Marco Mottana, has received extensive recognition and awards from the financial community, where he has achieved a strong reputation through many years of constant effort. The latest “Quantum” evolution takes the project to new heights in potential results.
sept., 2020
sept., 2020
100% terminé
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objectif 1 000 000.00 USD
Casquette 5 000 000.00 USD
  • 1 CFXQ
    0.05 USD
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Distribution de jetons
IEO Crowdsale (19 %)
Private Sale (8 %)
Quantum Evolution (25%)
Marketing (23%)
International Presence (15%)
Platform Development (12%)
Company Structure (10%)
Legal & Compliance (10%)
Unforecasted (5%)
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CFX Quantum Ltd
Pays enregistré
United Kingdom
Fondation de l'entreprise
Jul 8, 2020
Bonus Structure
Round 1 (2 Sep - 11 Sep)
IEO price: 0.04 EUR

Round 2 (12 Sep - 19 Sep)
IEO price: 0.045 EUR

Round 3 (20 Sep - 26 Sep)
IEO price: 0.05 EUR
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Oui , de Aug 20, 2020 jusqu'à Sep 2, 2020
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CFX QUANTUM brings a disruptive ecosystem for investors, based on Quantum and Blockchain technology. A major alliance between 30+ years market experts, algo creators, the giant tech FUjitsu corp with his Pre-quantum chip and a University research Center. ADOPT: With a few clicks install the Wallet-Exchange mobile APP, safe and reliable. EARN with a few clicks: - ZEROONE product on crypto 1% a month with Zero market risk - easily Exchange Cryptos and Tokens - Participate in Sentiment Index creation gaining Token bonuses SHARE: Earn bonuses for sharing with your Friend thanks to the partnership with the most growing ATS Sharing community. CFXQ TOKEN, an Utility ERC20 token, gives unique access to products, discounts, Sentiment Airdrop, and a selection of products that can be bought with it. BURNING of CFXQ Token every quarter by investing 5% TO 30% of CFX Turnover over next 5 Years!


TECHNOLOGY: CFX Quantum Ltd Introduces “Q-HATS” and “ZEROONE”. The most recent advances in our technology. Since 30 years our group created algo systems for investors and from 2017 we developed a special engine called HATS: it balances hundreds of algo systems to find lower risk and better performance. The disruptive state of the art pre-quantum chip “Digital Annealer” from the tech giant Fujitsu allows to calculate trades at an unprecedented speed. ZEROONE : ZERO MARKET RISK - 1% A MONTH REFERRAL MARKETING WILL OPEN ALL SOCIAL DOORS MIllenials are the generation that will multiple 5X their wealth by 2030. They want easy "Non banking" APP to manage their money. They are more than 80% keen to referrals from friends. CFX has a special agreement with ATS Sharing, a referral marketing company where the founders have been able to manage millions of people in the past. THE DREAM -SURF FUND We want everyone to participate to give earnings also to the poorest in the world.

% name% roadmap

  • HATS testing begins

  • The initial concept and testing of HATS (Highly Advanced Trading System) begins with Marco Mottana and his partners.
  • Malta Group Formation

  • Formation of CFX Holding Ltd and CFX Advanced Ltd. Enrollment of ICO/STO Financial Advisors, Legal Team, and Blockchain advisors.
  • CFX HATS, Sentiment and Surf Development by CFX Advanced Ltd Malta.

  • Creation of the Logo and name “CFX,” CFX “HATS,” CFX “Sentiment Index,” The “Surf Fund,” and testing of HATS.
  • Launch of CFX at Malta Summits

  • Launch of CFX trademark and his concepts @ Malta Blockchain summits and Sigma Summit.
  • Lire la suite
  • CFX development of Roboadvisory and Brokerage Concepts

  • The concept of Roboadvisory 4.0 and the broker-exchange services to support HATS.
  • The development of Q-HATS concept.

  • The Q-HATS concept is born, beginning of dealings with Fujitsu and a university research group.
  • CFX the movement to London

  • Setup of CFX Finance Ltd in the United Kingdom
  • Agreements

  • The agreements with Pairstech Asset Management and Swissquote were made to put HATS in practice in the fiat world.
  • Wallet-Exchange

  • Development of CFX Wallet and Exchange on Mobile with internal and external resources.
  • CFX Quantum Ltd to issue CFX Token on IEO with LATOKEN

  • Agreement with LATOKEN to issue the IEO in September 2020.
  • CFX Quantum Ltd buy the assets of CFX Advanced Ltd.

  • All the development and trademarks from CFX Advanced are bought by CFX Quantum Ltd.
  • Private Placement Token Sale

  • Beginning of private placement reserved for ATS Sharing, CFX Finance Ltd, UK, and early supporters entourage.
  • Wallet beta testing

  • The beginning of beta testing on the wallet and exchange app.

  • The IEO starts.
  • CFX Token Assignments and Listing on LATOKEN Exchange

  • All Tokens subscribed and paid for in IEO and Private Sales will be assigned.
  • Starting of campaigns and delivery of ZEROONE for token holders

  • 60 days or less after IEO End – Listed on other Exchanges

    Upon successful IEO and deals with other major exchanges, the company takes aim at multiple listings.


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