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Calvaria: DoE is a bridge between crypto and the world as an ambassador to gamify the learning process, guiding users into crypto in the most fun way possible.
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The afterlife, borne from a psychically charged ichor, was formed out of the two overseers Santa Muerte and Quetzacoatl. Their essence shifted, pooled and swirled together; his having somatic properties including sensation and perception, but also illusion. Whereas hers were of a materialistic nature, from mountains to stars, from her blood she dreamed of making a world. A dream became an argument, and an argument tore the heavens asunder. With the essence of each of the overseers, both shaped their own and now separate domains to suit their needs and purposes. Void, who has grown conscious over eons, syphons off their domains to create his own in the body of his own expanse.


The Calaveras (*) are a phenomenon subject to many rumors and hearsay in the afterlife. Some believe their conception predates the war, but even that has been obfuscated by time. What is known is that in concentrations of conflict and areas where souls have been forcefully dispersed they can arise, as a swirling force gathers around one who had fallen and culminating in its reborn form. They wander the lands between Santa Muerte and Quetzalcoatl’s domain endlessly seeking the chaotic fields of battle. The conjurations Calaveras produce accelerate combat to its terrible conclusion before again walking off without a word or moment's hesitation. When approached it is said they seem to be in flux between states of lucidity and delirium, a persistent persona of who they are or were shines through at times, and at others they seem vacant and can only offer peculiar utterances. However when attacked or attempted to be moved, the aggressors are dispatched near instantly. Now the Calaveras have come to be seen as forces of nature, as predictable as the tides and drifting like a soft breeze, but like lightning they strike indiscriminately.*The Calaveras are NFTs created for the Calvaria: Duels of Eternity game. Ownership of unique and limited Calaveras NFTs makes you the part of closed community with benefits for you only:

- You're going to be automatically whitelisted for every sale, drop or release, to get the guaranteed access for the maximum value and the lowest price.

- Early access to all games within Calvaria: Duels of Eternity universe.

- Exclusive AMAs and video conferences where you can ask your questions directly to the Calvaria: Duels of Eternity team and suggest the direction of the project.

- Exclusive Airdrops just for Calaveras NFTs holders.

- Regular Lotteries and Draws with a chance to win amazing prizes.

- Exclusive game tournaments with higher prize pools only for Calaveras NFTs holders.

- Free access to the Ownership NFT cards that will make you a co-owner and allow you to receive a share of the profits from Calvaria: Duels of Eternity operations.

% name% roadmap

  • Aug 2022

  • Release of the 2nd mini game. Partnerships with game guilds. Initial NFT Offering Presale.
  • Sep 2022

  • Initial NFT Offering Public Sale. Mystery Box revealing. Duels of Eternity game development.
  • Oct 2022

  • IDO/IEO for $RIA. TGE (CEX/DEX). In-game store release. Staking platform development.
  • Nov 2022

  • Release of the 3rd mini game. Staking platform release. Calvaria: Duels of Eternity Litepaper.
  • Lire la suite
  • Dec 2022

  • Early access release of Calvaria: Duels of Eternity. Cinematic trailer release.
  • Jan 2023

  • New cards implementation. $eRIA contract audit. $eRIA TGE.


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