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Bitfresh provides a secure and transparent blockchain-based iGaming platform that offers a
range of games for interested users. There are both famous games and new ones. Choose from
a huge variety and enjoy your time. Thanks to blockchain technology, the whole process is
completely secure and you don't have to worry about the platform's fairness. We like to think of it
as the first community-driven iGaming platform. One of our goals is to bring a decentralized
system that makes the whole experience 100% trustless and manipulation free.
We carefully consider the interest of both the customer and the platform, to ensure that both are
satisfied, and we do that by providing a solution that creates a win-win scenario for everyone.
The most important thing regarding Bitfresh is to guarantee the interest, security and protection
of both customers/users and the platform.
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1 avr. 2021
30 avr. 2021
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Transparency & Fairness
Blockchain technology is considered as a means by which true transparency can be encouraged
in a given business of a digital context. Bitfresh would be using blockchain technology to verify
transactions on the platform, thereby eliminating the need for trust.
Extra steps have been taken to ensure that the Bitfresh iGaming platform is compliant with the
most recent trends regarding iGaming platforms.
To ensure a fair gambling experience is important, for this reason, we will only use RNG-certified
game providers and provably-fair technology for in-house games.
Community driven
Bitfresh prides itself to be community first. We want to build the first community driven iGaming
platform where our players and community suggest our roadmap. Bitfresh will be built on top of
its community feedback and suggestions, and we want to keep it that way as we grow.
Innovative gaming mechanics
At Bitfresh we aim to disrupt the industry not only by leveraging blockchain but also by
implementing innovative gaming mechanics to increase user engagement and retention. These
include configurable and extensible auto betting, token mining while gambling, hidden surprise
jackpots, dividend sharing system and complete gamification of the whole experience.

The token system is a behavior therapy method. The aim of the token system is to build
desirable behavior through small rewards. The so-called tokens can be smileys, marbles, chips,
etc. The player can collect these and exchange them for a reward if a certain number is earned.
The Player is rewarded for good behavior and has a sense of achievement.
Bitfresh Token (BFT) is a utility token for profit sharing and stakeholding. The BFT token acquires
value due to the possibility of receiving dividends, which increases the interest and demand for
this asset. BFT token is a BEP20-based utility token created for Bitfresh platform actions, with a
max supply of 1,000,000,000. BFT token is a means of exchange within the platform and has
multiple applications like:
● Staking. By staking users can have the opportunity to gain platform profits (dividends)
● An in-game currency for betting and payouts
● The reward for participating in the Bitfresh iGaming ecosystem
● Cash Back
● BFT tokens may also be sold or exchanged for other cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin,
Ethereum, etc.
Bitfresh is a proof-of-gameplay reward mechanism aiming to revolutionize the iGaming industry.
Users are rewarded for their time playing, while Game Developers grow their gaming community,
earn crypto and get help from adhering services. Everybody wins! These tokens are the basis for
the platform’s revenue sharing system through a dividend distribution.

% name% roadmap

  • Q1 2021

  • ✓ Whitepaper development
    ✓ Team building
    ✓ Coin flip & dice game
    ✓ Initial mining system
    ✓ Platform alpha launch
    ✓ Pre launch campaign & bounty program
  • Q2 2021

  • ❏ Accessibility enhancements
    ❏ Token emission and initial sale
    ❏ Token listing
    ❏ Beta launch
  • Q3 2021

  • ❏ Official main net launch
    ❏ BFT mining begins
    ❏ Jackpots system
  • Q4 2021

  • ❏ Addition of new cryptocurrencies
    ❏ Referral program
    ❏ Enhanced mobile experience
    ❏ Daily gambling missions
    ❏ Dividend pool rewards
    ❏ Addition of new in house games
  • Lire la suite
  • Q1 2022

  • ❏ Token burn begins
    ❏ Player items
    ❏ Ranking system & achievements
    ❏ New games & integration with iGaming providers
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