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ZIMBOCASH (known in short form as ZASH) is a decentralised currency for
Zimbabwe. Our broader goal is to establish sound money for Zimbabwe – we have
created money that is fixed in supply but available to all Zimbabweans. Zimbabwe is a
country in Southern Africa that has an extremely weak currency and banking system –
having suffered in hyperinflation and economic malaise. We want to see the economy
of Zimbabwe transformed with sound money.
1 abr 2021
30 abr 2021
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The goal is for trust to be restored in the money and banking system. ZIMBOCASH is
based on a decentralised blockchain – a revolutionary technology that enables a fixed
supply of money and a reliable payments system.
We have issued a total of 4.5 billion ZIMBOCASH tokens, built on the TRON
decentralised platform. These tokens will only be allocated to Zimbabweans when
they register. The amounts available for each subscriber halves every three months. If
members introduce others, they can earn more. People from other countries will be
able to purchase ZIMBOCASH on the secondary market on an exchange.
When you sign up, you can access your ZIMBOCASH tokens on the online walletsystem
at our website www.zimbo.cash. The system facilitates fast and secure transactions in
a decentralised payments system.
ZIMBOCASH is also listed on international cryptocurrency exchanges. You will only
be able to sell ZIMBOCASH on the exchange when you have made six unique transfers
to others. While we want you to be able to cash-out, our goal is to establish a
transactional currency on the ground using the latest price as a reference.
It is free to join – we do not want your money, we want you to join. Currencies are
established using the Network Effect. Each person who joins, adds value to all in the
community. The bigger the community, the more value it has for everyone in the
network. ZIMBOCASH has the potential to solve the financial problems in Zimbabwe
by fixing the supply of money.

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