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The project competitors are other suppliers of smart contracts on crypto currency such as Ethereum, EOS, Cardano, NEO, NEM, Qtum, Ethereum Classic, Lisk, Stratis and Counterparty. According to Coinmarketcap data, 7 of 10 competitors of RSK enter TOP 20 on capitalization. Given this, the main network for RSC – Bitcoin exceeds the capitalization of the closest competitor Ethereum 2,4 times. There’s a cut-throat competition between RSK and competitors for influence the entire market of crypto currencies and altcoins.
The RSK project still needs to prove the community that RKS model is able to sustain the SBTC token cost and its binding to BTC.
Providing network security is another challenge of the project. According to RSK team, the network is currently supported by bitcoin-miners, which present over 55% of total power of bitcoin hashing. The founders also state that miners with 30% of hashrate will start joint mining within next several months.
The signs of centralization of the RSC network through Federation, which acts as a RSC sidechain security guarantor, are a certain risk of the project.

Social activity

Activity in the official groups of Telegram and Facebook is not high, despite the project presentation at Consensus-2018. Although the project Twitter has 26.9 thous. followers.

If RSK is able to overcome the above-mentioned problems, it will be able to significantly extend the functionality for Bitcoin networks, as well as create a credible alternative to the ethereum virtual machine.
The connection of RSK network with Bitcoin network, which features the largest user base in crypto space is the most important advantage of RSK network. Since RSK is connected to the most popular and safe blockchain, the project gets a head start over other smart-contract platforms

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It is likely to be one of the greatest projects in 2018. Nearly everything with this project looks perfect. Unfortunatly they are asking for a too high hardcap. But if a project is allowed to raise so many funds, we would say its Rootstock. We wish all the best for this project - it might be really beneficial for the bitcoin and thus the whole crypto ecosystem.

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Ian Balina
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Rootstock believes in Bitcoin! They are trying to encourage growth by filling in the missing technology that Bitcoin needs. The security of RSK is their main feature. RSK´s blockchain is secured by merge-mining, which means that they can achieve the same security as Bitcoin in terms of double-spend prevention and settlement finality.  Biggest concern that we have with Rootstock is the very small amount of allocations that Rootstock gave out to investors, according to rumors only 20 - 150 investors have been KYCed. At the same time the project has been resold more often than any other ICO in 2018. We believe that there will be a massive shitstorm of problems and bad publicity right after their TGE, similar to what happened to chromaway.

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In conclusion, Picolo Research requires more clarity, clarity, particularly on ICO and roadmap details, before allocating a rating on RSK. Nevertheless, our analysts are positive about the potential benefits RSK can provide as it possesses a solid proposition that proves to be resolute for the bitcoin ecosystem.
Notwithstanding the above, Picolo acknowledges that RSK is currently focused on building the technology and making improvements to their product. Only time will tell if the project can deliver their intended impact on the Bitcoin ecosystem. Coupling that with the lack of information available, it is difficult to assert a rating on the project.
In light of the preceding, Picolo analysts will continue to monitor any developments and update our rating accordingly.

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