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Sushiba is the first fully-decentralized and deflationary token that unites food lovers with dog lovers It is also a future looking token aimed at establishing an AI-Based decentralized Marketplace built around its uniquely themed decentralized applications.
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Acerca de Sushiba

Sushiba is a BEP-20 token created in May 2021 with the aim to bridge the gap between food-related tokens and dog-related tokens, hence the portmanteau Sushiba, coming from Sushi plus Shiba.

Sushiba is a token that will become the centrepiece of an AI-Based decentralized Marketplace with unique, decentralized applications.

The features of the token in of itself are:

  1. Reflect Finance Tokenomics: a set percentage of each transaction is redistributed to each token holder.
  2. Burn/Transaction Fees: a set percentage of each transaction is automatically burned, therefore, gradually reducing the circulating supply.

The Sushiba journey started with the observations of one of its founders that a vast number of features that are taken for granted in modern day applications are not as ubiquitous within the DeFi space. Machine learning systems managing data and user preferences, utilized in major web-applications such as YouTube, Instagram, Amazon, in the meantime can be found everywhere in their company-based counterparts.

The application of machine learning algorithms alongside the blockchain technology is the logical solution to creating a better customer experience as it enables the natural evolution of society in becoming more and more decentralized. Decentralization should however not necessarily mean the loss of the standard AI-based features everyone is used to and is so familiar with today. This gap has motivated the founders to seek out more efficient ways to optimize the user’s experience within decentralized networks.


Community Token Bonds

Contribute to Sushiba's grow by donating to the Marketing Wallet and getting fully repaid in Sushiba once target market cap goals are met!

Automated Tokenomics and LP

Tokenholders will be able to receive passive Sushiba earnings on each transaction, 2% of each transaction is redistributed, 2% is burnt.

AI Decentralized Marketplace

Sushiba's goal is that of creating an AI-Driven marketplace on which to spend, earn, farm your tokens, redeemable for real-world experiences.


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