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PegNet is a decentralized, non-custodial network of tokens pegged (stabilized) to different currencies and assets that allows for trading and conversion of value without the need for counterparties. It is a fully auditable, open source stablecoin and synthetics network using the competition of PoW and external oracles to converge on the prices of currencies and assets. You can mine PEG, the token of PegNet which can be seamlessly converted to any pAsset on the network with no spread, no slippage, and with infinite liquidity.
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Acerca de PegNet

 Pegging to cryptocurrencies can facilitate transactions representing Bitcoin or other cryptocurrency values without the transaction limitations that might exist on the those blockchains. Pegging values to other commodities or assets are possible, expanding the use cases for a Pegged Token Network. This paper describes Pegged Token Networks in more detail, and goes into an implementation and design of such a network, based on the Factom Protocol.


A pegged token is often referred to as a stable coin. To date, stable coins are single tokens that use a range of mechanisms to maintain their peg to the real world assets they represent. PegNet is a Pegged Token Network, and it leverages simple game theory and a set of pegged tokens that self reinforce each other in holding their mutual pegs. The network provides a mechanism for managing payments, treasury allocations, risk abatement, arbitrage, and budgets across jurisdictions without requiring expensive and slow processes through external parties such as financial institutions, payment processors, exchanges, etc.
A possible set of assets that would have corresponding pegged tokens might include:

Currencies Precious Metals Cryptocurrencies US Dollar Gold PEG (The PegNet Token) Euro Silver Factom Japanese Yen   Bitcoin British Pound   Ethereum Canadian Dollar   Dash Swiss Franc   Bitcoin Cash Indian Rupee   Binance Coin Singapore Dollar   Stellar Chinese Yuan   Cardano Hong Kong Dollar   Monero Taiwanese Dollar   Zcash Korean Won   Decred Brazillian Peso   Litecoin Philippine Peso   Ravencoin Mexican Peso    

The pegged token for an asset would be designated by adding a ‘p’ to the asset designator. So the pegged token tracking USD would be pUSD. Gold would have a pegged token of pGold. Having a range of pegged tokens would allow the user of PegNet to maintain their holdings in any of the assets supported, and to make transactions in any of the assets supported. Asset selection should be driven by market value, availability of market data, and value of the use cases for the pegged token.

PegNet Roadmap

  • Launch of PEG mining August 2019

  • PegNet mining went live August 19th 2019 allowing anyone with a common laptop computer to CPU mine PEG tokens. 5,000 PEG tokens are split among the top 25 miners each 10 minute block.
  • Conversions between pAssets and transactions October 2019

  • Conversions on PegNet went live October 14th 2019 allowing any pAsset to be converted into any other pAsset inside the user's PegNet wallet without any third party involved.
  • Exchanges and wallets December 2019

  • Arbitrage of pAssets prices between the PegNet and external exchanges (via a floating PEG token price) went live December 9th 2019. This update allows PegNet arbitragers to maintain narrow price spreads between tokens on the PegNet and external exchanges.


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