Orange Cat Token

Orange Cat Token

Created using Figma
Created using Figma
OCAT is the first #StopElon animal token on Binance Smart Chain. The project is designed to be charity-oriented and community-based. So far, the project has reached 10,500 holders and 2 rounds of presale finished. 100 Billions of token was given away to help improving cat healthcare.
ICO Phase 3
25 may. 2021
20 jun. 2021
100% terminado
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Acerca de Orange Cat Token

Orange Cat Token (ticker: OCAT) is a community-based blockchain token on a mission to unite animal lovers worldwide, with a vision of donating time and space to safeguard the environment. By building and supporting animal/nature reserves, Orange Cat Token is dedicated to protecting both the natural habitat of our fuzzy friends as well as the interests of animal-lovers, by constantly improving transparency and continuity to achieve next-generation philanthropic goals.

 OCAT is being developed by industry veterans from multiple Ivy League universities. Building on Satoshi Nakamoto’s relics, the Orange Cat Team hopes to take action and create physical shelters and reserves for animals. We are fully aware that traditional charity organizations face many unsolvable problems such as corruption and opaque funding.

 OCAT’s decentralized finance (DeFi) technology is increasingly coming under the spotlights of the global community. Its operation forbids the existence of highly concentrated ownership. We ensure that the price is not determined by the few but by a global network of animal afficionados, by preventing any individual tokenholder from controlling  ≥2% of the OCAT supply. In addition, we lock 10% of max supply to create Orange Cat Fund and strive to work with multiple charity organizations (e.g. Animal Shelter Inc.).

 OCAT believes in harnessing the power of blockchain and blockchain products to change animals’ lives for the better.  With long-term initiatives and no pre-sale, OCAT devoutly stand up against any market manipulation, including such actions taken by Elon Musk. While OCSwap, OCFarm, OCWallet, and OCLend are being developed, the OCAT smart contract has been fully verified and audited. If you join now, you will witness and reap the benefits of every step in the development of OCAT, especially from our early community reward package, OCAwards.


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