Modern Liquidity Token

Modern Liquidity Token

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MODIC (short for Modern Investment Coin) is an established cryptocurrency investment platform with its own fund. MODIC was founded in 2019 and has already helped thousands of crypto holders multiply their capital through a variety of investment plans. The fund selects opportunities with an ROI of above 200%, and the minimum investment amount is only $10 – the smallest among crypto investment funds on the market.
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Acerca de Modern Liquidity Token

Members can either choose one of the projects featured on the platform or entrust the fund managers to allocate their capital for them. The projects are selected using quantitative and fundamental analysis and pass a rigorous due diligence procedure.

To access all the investment opportunities, users need the MODIC coin, which is already traded on several crypto exchanges. At the beginning 2021, MODIC will launch a new DeFi infrastructure and a second coin, MLT, which will allow members to benefit from a range of financial services from loans to decentralized crypto derivatives.

Throughout 2020, the MODIC team has been watching the unfolding of the DeFi trend. Instead of quickly launching our own DeFi product (for which there were all the necessary resources and competences), we chose to wait until the market reaches a certain point of maturity and the period of hype ends. By late 2020, this stage arrived. Meanwhile, MODIC developers have been hard at work at the interface and the new DeFi token, MLT.

MLT will not replace MODIC: the two coins will complement each other. MODIC will remain the base cryptocurrency of the centralized investment platform, with the following functions:

  • - Accessing investment opportunities

  • - Profit payouts

  • - Internal transactions between investors

  • - 'Mining' MLT (this is a new feature; see '3 ways to get MLT)


The planned start is July 2021. An NFT marketplace with unique capabilities and a base MLT token will become the diamond of our ecosystem and allow to pave the way for all conservative investors and masternode owners into this new and high-tech market.

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