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ME Token

Created using Figma
Created using Figma
For those who are not aware of our project or have just heard about it and also for those who are quite familiar with We have not been active on any forums for a long time, but it's high time for you to be able to keep in contact with us directly on forums. P.S. in case you come across any topics where is mentioned as scam, we've prepared a specific thread where everything is clearly stated and explained.
abr., 2021
abr., 2021
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Acerca de ME Token is a digital ecosystem rooted in blockchain technology that simplifies the way users share content, shop online, and advertise. By bringing these platforms together in one app users can freely publish content, chat with friends, enjoy shopping and selling products with a single digital asset and even earn up to 50% of advertising generated revenue!

ME Token Roadmap

  • 2017

  • Social media app launched
    First test marketing campaign
    First users joined domain purchased
    Launch of meWallet
    Presales of ME Token
  • 2018

  • New PC version launched
    Test marketing campaigns in all main targeted regions
    Collaborations with first advertisers
    Partnership Programme launched
    Multilingual technical support established
    Global server map expanded
  • 2019

  • ME Token listed
    Additional offices opened in number of jurisdictions
    Several FinTech licenses & collaborations secured for mePay
    Development of mePay - FinTech platform started
    meMarket (e-commerce) launched
    Full redesign of app
    Build-up secured messenger launched
  • 2020

  • ME Token listing on the regulated digital assets exchange
    mePay platform first regional launch
    Launch of meCard (payment card)
    Enter new target markets
  • Lee mas
  • 2021

  • Full scale marketing campaign for platform
    meMarket escrow services development
    mePay platform international launch
    Get listed among top 20 cryptocurrencies


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