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A community-focused web3 X tangible business infusion, owned by Limau NFT holders and governed by the Limau DAO.
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Acerca de Limau

All holders of Limau NFTs will become part of the Limau NFT DAO and will have predetermined voting rights that enable them to determine the future projects and direction undertaken by Limau. These voting rights will continue to exist so long as the holders continue to own the NFT, even after the existing project has completed. This gives loyal holders of Limau NFTs perpetual influence over Limau even though the existing project / release has completed.

Limau ethos & symbolism
The name “Limau” means mandarin orange or tangerine. Symbolically, tangerines are given away during festive events, especially during Chinese New Year, as a symbol of prosperity, good luck and wellbeing to friends and family.

This symbolic action embodies Limau’s purpose of existence: To bring wealth and prosperity to our community.

Our vision is to create a self-governing decentralized organization that operates for the benefit and welfare of its members.

What problems does Limau solve?
The wealth divide in the present day world is rapidly growing. We aim to resolve this by deploying new age mechanisms to acquire projects and funnel returns back to the deserving community without complex investment vehicles or platforms. Our objective is to build a DAO that undertakes real-life projects which translate into earnings for the community.

By leveraging on the core teams’ strength of identifying and assessing high potential projects with the ability to assemble a project team to manage and complete each of these projects, we are able to generate returns, anchor Web3 collaborations and offer various other benefits to our community.

Limau Roadmap

  • Q4 2022

  • Inaugural NFT project launch
    • Oct’22 – K70 project launch : 70 units of single-storey semi-detached houses
    • Nov’22 – NFT staking feature launch on for all future NFTs
    • Dec’22 - 1st APY payout for K70 project (USDT)
  • Q1 2023

  • 2nd NFT project + Limau NFT DAO formation
    • Jan’23 – 2nd NFT project launch
    • Feb’23 – Limau NFT DAO formation and voting for 3rd NFT project
    • Mar’23 – 1st APY payout for 2nd NFT project (USDT)
    • Mar’23 – 3rd NFT project launch (selected by Limau NFT DAO)
    • Mar’23 – Limau NFT roadmap for 2024
  • Q2 2023

  • Limau Token development
    • Apr’23 – Limau Token Whitepaper release and token roadmap for 2023/2024
    • Apr’23 – Limau Token development (synthetic governance & currency token)
    • May’23 – 1st APY payout for 3rd NFT project (selected by Limau NFT DAO) (USDT)
    • Jun’23 – Limau Token airdrop + principal payback (via Limau Tokens) to existing Limau NFT holders (30% tranche)
  • Q3 2023

  • Limau Token public launch
    • Jul’23 – Public launch of Limau Token on decentralized exchanges (“IDO”)
    • Jul’23 – Limau token staking feature on
    • Sep’23 – Target listing on Binance / Huobi (“ICO”)
  • Lee mas
  • Q4 2023

  • Limau DAO formation
    • Oct’23 – Consolidation of Limau NFT DAO and Limau Token DAO to form the Limau DAO
    • Nov'23 - Unveiling of the World's 1st DAO Property Development & Ecosystem + Limau DAO voting
    • Dec'23 - World's 1st DAO Property Development & Ecosystem project kickoff
    • Dec'23 - Limau NFT 2nd APY payout (USDT)


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