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With Leasehold, we provide users with a decentralised way to take part in Short Term Rental profits through tokenisation.
1 abr. 2020
31 may. 2020
100% terminado
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Directors-Locked for 5 years 10%
Incorporators-Locked for 5 years 2%
Board Members 1%
Technical Team2%
Total Leasehold 17%

Token Distribution

Public Sale 83%
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Detalles de la compañía
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Leasehold Holdings PTY LTD
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South Africa
Empresa Fundada
Nov 11, 2019
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Acerca de Leasehold

1.3 Key Innovation Factors

Leasehold allows anyone to take part in profit sharing without owning property physically, or without the need to identify yourself. Leasehold takes advantage of emerging markets in the Tourist industry, as well as the everyday living industry as booking platforms grow with more than double the users from the previous year. The only other way you can profit from this is by owning the property yourself, with Leasehold, we simplify this process and allow you to “own portion of profits”. Leasehold will also continue to grow as there are strict growth policies set in place that require the company to constantly acquire more and more property in its life cycle. Leasehold (LSH) brings liquidity to the Property Rental Industry allowing ownership of profits in fractions. People can buy and sell the rights to profits without the expensive costs of Deed registration and property acquisition .

Airbnb now accepts Bitcoin and we believe more platforms will follow. Leasehold Plans to create our very own booking system within the ecosystem that will allow users to book holidays with LSH.


Leasehold (LSH) is based on the DPOS Delegated Proof Of Stake.

DPOS is based on delegates creating blocks. Delegates are trusted accounts which are elected to be “Active Delegates”. The 39 delegate accounts with the most votes create the blocks. Other delegates are listed as “standby” delegates, and can advance to the top 39 lists by receiving votes from other LSH owners. All token holders will have 39 votes available to elect their favourite delegate into the top 39. The weight of each of the 39 votes is proportional to the amount of LSH they hold in the voting wallet/hub. These votes are rated as “Approved” and listed as a % of the 100 million LSH tokens available. Example 1 million votes would be 1%.

In Dpos, Forks can occur, but the longest fork always wins. Delegates must be online all of the time and have sufficient uptime if they want to continue securing the chain and getting DEX rewards. Uptime will be used to catalogue the reliability of a node by logging each time that a block was missed. Users vote for the top 39 delegates based on several factors, uptime, being one key factor used to make determination. If a delegate drops below a certain rating, users may remove votes from the delegate in question due to poor performance. The main roles of the delegates are to secure the network by means of good performance for the network.

Información técnica

To be a delegate , a user needs to register a delegate account. This is accomplished from the client LSH hub or wallet interface. Keep in mind that a block generation is only possible in the full wallet. (delegates will need to run a special node in order to take part in block generation, wallets are not able to do this alone). This means you can register a delegate in any wallet, but only perform block generation from a full version of the client. All LSH accounts are eligible to become delegates.

New delegates start as standby delegates. Standby delegates begin with an approval rating of 0% and will need to accrue votes from the LSH community in order to advance to be one of the top 39 delegates. Block generation is performed by the top 39 delegates only. If you are in standby status you will not forge any blocks.

Leasehold Roadmap

  • April 2020

  • Initial Tokens Offering
  • June 2020

  • 1st Initial Exchange Offering
  • August 2020

  • 2nd Initial Exchange Offering
  • August 2020

  • 1st Property Purchase Completion
  • Lee mas
  • September 2020

  • Property begins to generate Rental Income


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