Lambo Defi Network

Lambo Defi Network

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Created using Figma
Lambo finance network aims to provide a comprehensive decentralized financial service using the three native currencies of the ecosystem –LAMBOSWAP token, LAMBOLEND token and a mineable token of the ecoystem referred to as USDL. Lambo Finance core products and release schedule are as follows: LamboSwap Exchange : AMM-based Decentralized Exchange LamboSwap Farms : Liquidity mining platform used for liquidity incentive Comprehensive on-chain governance, decentralized control and development. Lambo Token Staking : Stake lambo tokens to get more lambo rewards based on time duration. Lambo Lend : compound and Aave like lending and borrowing DeFi solution Lambo sythetic assets : Synthetix like mintr dapp with stable coin and synthetic assets
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25 mar. 2021
6 abr. 2021
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Acerca de Lambo Defi Network

The mission of Lambo finance network is to open up the vast potential within DeFi and maximize value for every DeFi user. We aim to create a decentralized financial network that enables users and other decentralised protocols to carry out pool strategy lending and borrowing (liquidity pools), asset swapping (from one token to the other) as well as synthetic assets. Our technology lets us unite major features in the industry and previously isolated digital assets, maximizing chain functionality so that any can transaction can be carried out with ease. We cater for more assets and allow investors to buy, sell, lend and trade more cryptocurrencies and increase their position size in the assets they desire.


We envision an ecosystem where fast, easy, and affordable decentralized financial products and services that meet an individual’s needs are delivered in a timely, responsible, and sustainable way. Apart from this, we project a platform that will be the forerunner of all DeFi products and use cases in the nearest future and easily accessible tokens with more use cases that will drive adoption, increase demand and value.

There is mining selling pressure on the currency of the current AMM exchange platforms, which cannot be used as value support, resulting in large price fluctuations and the embarrassment of currency holders making them unable to stabilize profits. We envision a project that will help alleviate this issues and take the DeFi ecosystem to the next level.

Lambo Finance Network is redefining how DeFi works, combining the best of it features to create a bonded system. The Lambo Finance Network protocol’s implementation will bring significant and lasting change to the trading of financial products and other DeFi use cases. Lambo Finance Network is set to permanently address the numerous issues faced by existing DeFi users and facilitate a safe, fast, highly secure, and accessible solution at reduced fee. That is not all, we also have a native curriencies with which access will be given to the services on the platform.

Lambo Defi Network Roadmap

  • Q2 2020

  • Form team, preparing for Lambodefi project ideas
  • Q3 2020

  • Preparing the smart contracts and interface of lamboswap. Setting up the vision, mission
    and business model for
  • Q4 2020

  • Launching lamboswap testnet version. Testing and fixing the lamboswap product.
  • Q1 2021

  • Making some changes of lamboswap interface
    Preparing for lamboswap mainnet version
    Marketing and building lambodefi community
    Launch lamboswap mainnet version
    Marketing lamboswap
    Lamboswap Presale starting
    Lamboswap bounties and airdrop program starting
    Lamboswap crowdsale starting
    lamboswap devteam tokens will be locked for 6 months
    Complete lamboswap product with high yield farming
    Listing lamboswap token on CentralizeExchange (CEX) and DecentralizeExchange (DEX)
    Preparing for lambolend
  • Lee mas
  • Q2 2021

  • Preparing lambolend on LamboNetwork
    Lambolend smart contracts testing
    Adding more high yield farming pools to lamboswap
    Updating lamboswap interface
    IDO on lamboswap (Initial DEX Offering)
    Lamboswap reducing the APY of each farming pool
    Marketing Lambolend
    Lamboswap updating the High yield farming pools and interface again
    Lambolend smart contracts auditing and testing
    Lambolend testing version releasing
    Lamboswap token holder will get paid by % of Lambolend
    Lambolend Mainnet releasing
    Lambolend Presale starting
    Lamboswap token holder will be received Lambolend token
  • Q3 2021

  • Lambolend updating the product
    IDO lambolend on lamboswap (Initial DEX Offering)
    Lambolend devteam tokens will be locked for 6 months
    10. The list of references researched
    and applied on Lambodefi Network:
    Marketing lambolend
    Airdrop lambolend for community
    Listing lambolend on CentralizeExchange (CEX) and DecentralizeExchange (DEX)
    Lambolend updating the product
    Replanning for lamboswap and lambolend business model
    Preparing for lambomint
    Replanning business
    Lambomint auditing
    Lambomint mainnet
    Marketing lambomint
    Getting votes from community for business model
    Final check system


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Senior Business Development Manager

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