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IsItDebunked Ltd. are building the world's first community based social-media platform which rewards users for contributing towards a more fact-based world. - community-driven effort of freedom of information - learn how to spot fake news - get rewarded with Debunk (DBNK) token for useful contributions - become the future go-to place for finding out legitimate news and information
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1 abr. 2021
30 abr. 2021
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Acerca de IsItDebunked Debunk (DBNK) Token is being created as a utility token to reward users who contribute towards the fact-checking system which is being created via the blockchain, this will allow all information to be grouped together and if something has been debunked then it can be seen in the future and isn't purged if censorship goes to new levels.


We believe the news reports that are being brought out are not always legitimised by actual evidence and can sometimes be debunked and this puts large doubts into the minds of millions of people around the world


This then causes those who question the news reports to be deemed conspiracy theorists or other shameful name-calling. The issue is that when the information is debunked it doesn’t get the coverage it deserves and is sometimes still used by the fact-checkers as real correct information when this is not the case. This therefore means the information that is given to the public is not always correct and this must be changed in order for society to continue working efficiently.


There are many variants of social media platforms out there that allow users to discuss ideas between friends and share various things around the world. The problem with censorship also occurs though where the media company doesn’t agree with a user’s thinking or ideas and therefore remove the post and even sometimes go as far as restricting the user’s account. We deem this an issue as it can stop meaningful discussions and can in some occasions stop the truth from being shared. We just want to help bring truth to the world without bias reporting


Blockchain has become known to be a well established way to transmit and secure data whilst being used financially to secure the transactions taking place across the network. We believe we could adapt this to ensure historical information is kept safely so that future generations have all the relevant information to go off in the future. Currently it is becoming more and more known that the information that is given out is not correct and it can become difficult to find the old information which debunked the news report.


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