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Created using Figma
Privé’s primary objective is to bring together the best of commercial banking and private funds. This enables borrowers access to favorable market-driven financial conditions, and a customized service of freely competing providers. Privé builds upon decentralized global credit supply, and provides loan arrangement and servicing local to borrowers. Privé aims to accomplish this goal by enabling capital allocation on public distributed ledger. This is achieved by competing Lenders bridging artificially imposed limitations to accessing credit, meaning that borrowers capable of meeting market driven expectations will have an easier task getting the desired financing. Privé is indiscriminative with respect to transaction size, meaning it will provide support for, and will be used to effectively supplement use-cases involving loan origination to big corporate clients.
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Public blockchain technology has enabled us to exchange value and code on-demand mechanics that define and execute contractual obligations between participants without necessarily resorting to a legal system. The feature of near real-time settlement and the capability to condition it programmatically have redefined the very concept of credit.

We acknowledge the scale of possibilities brought about by this new paradigm shift, and we are humbled to have the opportunity to build upon them. Being in a position to impact the future of finance by helping pave the road to the ultimate freedom of economic association and exchange of value among individuals and businesses is utterly compelling and rewarding at the same time. Everything we do and every piece of technology we create will reflect this attitude. This is precisely why we have opted to build upon permissionless, censorship-free, immutable distributed ledgers.

The year is 2018, and blockchain is only the beginning.

Irresident Roadmap

  • Week 0

  • Pre-Sale Completion
  • Week 22

  • Functional (UX) Prototype
  • Week 44

  • Architectural Prototype
  • Week 97

  • Initial Operational Capacity
  • Lee mas
  • Week 110

  • Beta Release
  • Week 136

  • Production Release


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Crecimiento de 30 días:

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Damir Petkovic
Luka Arvaj
Co-Founder & CLO
Hrvoje Velic
Software Architect

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