Unveiling the Future of Decentralized Trading: A Deep Dive into INFI CDEX and the ©SbSe Protocol

Unveiling the Future of Decentralized Trading: A Deep Dive into INFI CDEX and the ©SbSe Protocol

Odon Oszkar Horvath, CEO at Inverted Investment / INFI MultiChain / OpenWebFour, explores the innovative features and benefits of INFI CDEX, a decentralized exchange platform, and its revolutionary ©SbSe Protocol, shedding light on its unique incentives, security measures, and plans for future development.

Can you explain how the INFI CDEX platform differs from traditional centralized and decentralized exchanges, and what specific features make it stand out in the market?

O: INFI CDEX operates on a decentralized system, governed by our proprietary world's first self builder smart ecosystem, the ©SbSe Protocol. Beside our attractive USDT rewards, with our innovative Special Liquidity Management ensuring everyone a safe and transparent trading environment.

What’s set apart from others:

- Special Liquidity Management presents a 48-hour compensation scheme to our investors.

- Our native coin, INFI, serves as the foundation of the ecosystem governed by the ©SbSe Protocol. Holding INFI means you have a stake in Inverted Investment.

- INFI holders are automatically rewarded by the SbSe Protocol, providing them with monthly passive income in USDT and Bitcoin.

- SbSe PFP displays Inverted Investment profits for each INFI holder.

- Traders are rewarded through the SbSe STR feature.

- INFI CDEX does not retain any wallet keys or digital assets of users on the platform.

- While cybersecurity is crucial, INFI CDEX is protected by Cyvers.

- Projects are launched at no cost and without requiring security deposits.

- Additionally, we offer KYC and audits through our partnered firms.

- We provide assistance to startups in product development, deployment, marketing, and sales.

- Our WEB4 concept is dedicated to giving our primary token, INFI, real-life utility (currently in development).

How does the SbSe Protocol contribute to the stability, transparency, and security of the INFI CDEX platform, and what advantages does it offer to users and investors?

O: The SbSe Protocol main focus is to isolate price manipulation,  volatility by reporting and blocking high amounts or suspicious transactions and hack attacks. Makes Inverted Investment Profit visible through SbSe PFP

Governs INFI Liquidity (ensuring the stable price for INFI without giving anyone the chance to buy it cheaper)

Protecting Investors investments through Special Liquidity Management, which offers a 48 hours compensation scheme in a case of scam.

Offers passive income for traders (non INFI holders) through SbSe STR Pool! They are rewarded through SbSe Protocol from Inverted Investment profits as well.

Could you elaborate on the incentives for INFI token holders, including the distribution of profits and the opportunities for passive income, and how these mechanisms contribute to the overall ecosystem?

O: The SbSe Protocol rewards INFI holders monthly by distributing 60% of the profits generated through Inverted Investment over a 24-month period. This includes 50% in USDT and 10% in Bitcoin, following a 24 months staking procedure.

Inverted Investment provides a monetary incentive (in $$$) for participants who choose to extend their staking period by an additional 24 months before it concludes. Those payouts will be distributed from the Treasury fund. 

The growth of the INFI ecosystem will be significantly influenced by the SbSe Protocol, the WEB4 concept, and the Treasury fund.

What measures does Inverted Investment take to ensure the safety and security of users' assets and transactions on the platform, especially considering the decentralized nature of the ecosystem?

O: Firstly INFI CDEX will be safeguarded by our partner cyber security firm Cyvers, granting the maximum protection against hackers, ensuring a clean, safe trading environment for our traders. Secondly, INFI CDEX does not store users' digital assets or wallet keys. Instead, users connect through their external wallets to the Platform. Our WEB4 idea focuses on incorporating the SbSe Protocol into a software application (would be available for download on Apple Store and Play Store) within a centralized system, the INFI Wallet. This Wallet will be backed by Banks and is set to link online banking with blockchains, enhancing transaction speed, security, and offering financial benefits to users without the need for specialized knowledge or experience in digital trading. Making things clearer and easy to understand for everyone!

Can you provide more details about the staking process for INFI token holders, including the staking period, minimum and maximum stake amounts, and the penalties for early unstaking?

O: The staking period will be limited to 24 months only. You can stake a minimum of 10 INFI and a maximum of 12,000 INFI. Passive incomes are distributed for staked amounts up to 12,000 INFI/ wallet, also if your allocation exceeds 12,000 INFI, you will need an extra wallet for staking to receive additional passive income.

Unstake during the staking period results in a 50% penalty fees.

How does the ©SbSe Protocol prevent price manipulation and volatility within the ecosystem, and what strategies are in place to promote equitable access and participation for all users?

O: The primary focus of the Sbse Protocol is on managing volatility, preventing price manipulation, and rewarding INFI holders. The protocol will engage in buy and sell transactions by restricting large amounts from being executed simultaneously on INFI CDEX. By intervening in INFI liquidity and the overall circulating supply of INFI, the Protocol is set to stabilize the price of INFI and support INFI Liquidity. This effort is expected to result in a rise in the price of INFI.

Could you explain the process of trading on the INFI CDEX platform, including the fee structure and how trading fees contribute to the ©SbSe Protocol Funding Pool?

O: Each trade on INFI CDEX will be governed by the SbSe Protocol automatically. The fee structure is determined by various formulas that consider whether it's a buy or sell transaction, as well as the quantity of tokens being traded. For INFI buy/sell transactions, the formula takes into account the number of tokens, token price, and total circulating supply. Traders will have the fees deducted from their trading amount without the need for additional payments.

What are the benefits of holding and staking INFI tokens for users, and how do these actions contribute to earning passive income and accessing additional bonuses?

O: Also INFI is our main token. Owning INFI means owning a part from the company Inverted Investment. We are building everything around INFI. INFI means the opportunity in the passive income share, the benefits offered by our WEB4 concept and last but not least from the Metaverse Game “Wear to Earn” based on real life concept with an unique offer for iNFI holders in the real estate business and NFT market. We know that the way we think and operate will revolutionize the entire world!

Can you elaborate on the free token allocations granted to INFI holders from Inverted Investment projects, including the vesting period and the potential value of these allocations?

O: We possess an extensive portfolio comprising 13 distinct projects along with a detailed roadmap. Free token allocations are reserved for INFI holders who have staked their allocation for a 24-month period, amounting to up to $1700. These allocations will undergo a 12-month vesting period, with an initial release of 30%-50% at the TGE (subject to potential alterations).

How does Inverted Investment plan to migrate from the Polygon network to the INFI network in 2024, and what benefits does this transition offer to users and the overall ecosystem?

O: We understand that integrating the INFI blockchain is both inevitable and essential. While we have planned the integration for 2024, there might be a possible delay in the development of our INFI CDEX and WEB4 concepts. The benefits for our users and ecosystem would become more appealing with increased financial incentives.

It is important to mention that we have entered into a contract with Cogya, a company based in the USA. Additionally, we are currently running an ICO on https://infimultichain.com/ico/ Following the completion of the first phase of the ICO, Inverted Investment will be established in Dubai.