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🌎 EcoTerra aims to create a system that will completely redefine how society chooses to finance environmental conservation efforts.
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Acerca de EcoTerra

Ecoterra is a company which attempts, by making use of blockchain technology, to facilitate and encourage the recycling process in order to fight global warming and climate change. Today’s worsening effects have led not only a lot of big-name companies, but also a great number of consumers to engage themselves in slowing down, and eventually reversing the wild weather pattern that climate change has unfortunately set. Tree plantations, beach cleanups, and a proper waste management are only some of the ways in which climate change is currently being combated. Recycling is another one. Although today, more than ever, a great emphasis is put on it, recycling still seems to raise some difficulties due to one reason or another. Some people, although well meant, simply say they lack the knowledge (was it the pizza boxes or the soda cans that had to go to the recycling bins?).

How the overwhelming majority, however, motivates its unwillingness to recycle is due to a lack of either a convenient access (39%), some extra space for the bins (35%), or enough time to properly separate the waste (29%). All these reasons seem to indicate the lack of a rather more personal reason to recycle, and may be translated into: “we lack the incentive to find a convenient access”, “we lack the incentive to make some extra space for the recycling bins”, or “we lack the incentive to find time to separate the recyclables”. Without a personal incentive, people are more reluctant to take the extra step needed in order to recycle properly.

Utilizing blockchain technology ecoterra is committed to step up circular economy processes by providing a recycled materials marketplace and creating a platform for incentivizing individuals to recycle. This not only helps to increase recycling rates, but it also provides a unique opportunity for people to earn rewards while making a positive impact on the environment. ecoterra is also able to provide a transparent and secure way of tracking emissions and carbon credits, helping to mitigate the effects of climate change through our carbon offset marketplace.

You can earn Ecoterra tokens by recycling through a Reverse Vending Machine (RVM) in small or large stores. Every time you recycle an item through an RVM, you will receive a certain amount of Ecoterra tokens as a reward. This provides an incentive for individuals to recycle and helps to increase overall recycling rates. To start earning Ecoterra tokens, simply scan your product’s barcode, locate a store with an RVM and begin recycling your items. After scanning the RVM’s receipt, you will receive a certain number of ecoterra tokens for each item that you recycled, and you can use these tokens to sell, hold, stake or donate to environmental causes. By recycling you are not only helping to create a more sustainable future, but you are also being rewarded for your efforts.

EcoTerra Roadmap

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  • Application feasibility study
    Market analysis
    Website Launch
    Token Smart Contract
    Pre Sale Smart Contract
    Certik Audit
    Certik KYC
    Social media accounts
    Presale Phase 1
    Initial Marketing
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  • Presale Next Phases
    Advertising campaigns
    recycle2earn user registration
    Further recycle2earn application development
    Recycled materials marketplace development
    Carbon offset marketplace
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  • Presale Next Phases
    Advertising campaigns
    Recycle2earn database development
    Further recycle2earn application development
    Recycled materials marketplace development
    Carbon offset marketplace development
    Establishing partnerships


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