DEUS Finance

DEUS Finance

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NEXT GENERATION ASSET-TOKENIZATION transpose any digitally verifiable asset securely onto the blockchain. DEUS lets you trade real-world assets and derivatives, like stocks and commodities, directly on the Ethereum blockchain.
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Acerca de DEUS Finance

DEUS finance is a Decentralized Finance (DeFi) protocol that allows bringing any verifiable digital and non-digital asset onto the blockchain.
It boosts the transfer of value across many different markets and exchanges with unprecedented ease, transparency, and security. The launch system is currently being built on the Ethereum-blockchain and will be chain-agnostic in the future.
 It started out originally as development on a tool to manage the asset basket for a community crypto investment pool. This turned into the vision of DEUS as a DAO-governed, decentralized platform that holds and mirrors assets.DEUS works via the creation of the so-called "Registrars", which can act either as blockchain-based derivatives or asset-backed funds, through which an investor places ETH into the algorithmically controlled DEUS system treasury. A registrar-specific token is then minted and given to the investor. When the investor wants to sell their investment, they send back their registrar token (which is then destroyed) and are automatically given back the current value of the asset or basket in ETH from the treasury. All this is transparently executed on the Ethereum blockchain via open-source smart
contracts. This is hardcoded, there are no IOU’s or guarantees one needs to trust, all is done immutably on-chain. Furthermore, there will be mechanisms in place preventing the creation of fraudulent registrars. Assets can include cryptocurrencies, stocks, bonds, or commodities - virtually any asset whose value a market can capture and provide verification of. The current market value of an asset is being provided to the DEUS system via decentralized blockchain oracles.
 The internal algorithmic balancing mechanism of the treasury ensures that the rise and fall of mirrored asset prices of individual registrars, as well as the withdrawal of funds from asset-backed or treasury-backed registrars by investors, does not lead to a greater imbalance in the system. The provision of additional liquidity to the registrars/treasury, as well as the creation and management of well-performing registrars, are economically incentivized within the system. Hence, DEUS strives to sustainably provide the highest efficiency and security levels possible with the current technology.


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