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Nowadays, the Internet environment is undergoing a great transition from the Web 2.0 era, where centralized service intermediaries monopolize the value of information, to the decentralized blockchain technology based Web 3.0 era with no intermediaries.
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  • 1. A new blockchain platform focused on company’s need and user experience Usual blockchain platform developers only concentrate on developing platforms but not the integral parts which are closer to the commercialization of the Web 3.0 System such as DID, protocols, wallets, Dapps, etc. For the companies, they only need to focus on their own businesses and the users utilize the platform easily even if they do not have prior knowledge of blockchain.
  • 2. Decentralized value,data sharing & trading platforms across various domains The data that was considered meaningless to a company or individual can become very resourceful to other people(companies). This can be recognized more clearly within the platform where data is organically shared and traded.
  • 3. Orientation towards a platform for creating cooperative value through participation of various industries & connecting data between different industries participation of various industries Systematic collaboration with various information providers is essential to BizAuto System.By maintaining close relationships with various companies, opportunities may arise to smoothly enter businesses that can create new added values through collaboration.
  • 4. Provision of incentives in order to maximize data trading The type of data can be divided into paid and free ones. The data provided for free of charge belongs to government offices for the purpose of public interest, and the data provided with a fee means the data required for business in a company. The data providers(owners) are able to participate in the ecosystem voluntarily by providing incentives directly to them.
  • 5. Securing self-sustainability through the realization of a coin economy in fair compensation to ecosystem doers such as participants, contributors, etc. In the BizAuto System, many different types of tokens can be created; one is BizAuto token, one for tokens issued by each service provider, and the other is depending on operating conditions. The BizAuto token will be used as a means of exchanging value and data between the chains, and the tokens issued by service providers are utility tokens used only on the service nodes. BizAuto System uses BizAuto token and utility tokens issued by each service provider to provide tools to compensate the participants in each business ecosystem. This allows each business architecture to provide fair compensation to the participants.
  • 6. Formation & realization of the governance in order to maintain the Web 3.0 ecosystem The governance is designed so that data generation, storage, transaction, and transmission can be performed safely and reliably in accordance with their self-interest when each participant faithfully fulfills their role.Additionally, a decentralized Web 3.0 ecosystem will be established, which is capable of optimized operation and continuous development by organizing the governance of the BizAuto System Committee and establishing and implementing a transparent and fair ecosystem operation plan.


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