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Bgogo es la primera plataforma de activos digitales con autogobierno supernodo. El 50% del token BGG total de la plataforma se usará para recompensar a los usuarios donde los usuarios obtendrán tarifas de negociación en la misma cantidad de BGG.
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Acerca de Bgogo

Los supernodos de Bgogo se eligen de las 21 cuentas principales en la posición de tenencia de BGG cada trimestre.
Los supernodos tienen derecho a & ldquo; un voto para enumerar & rdquo; y & ldquo; comisiones & rdquo; (Comparta el 20% de las tarifas comerciales. Consulte & nbsp; BGG & nbsp; para obtener más información).

Información técnica

Dear Users:

1. We are glad to announce that the decentralized exchange (DEX) version of Bgogo is online now. The new decentralized exchange website is Gogoswap will have the same trading functionality but much better user experience. Gogoswap is safer, faster and easier to use.

2. We will have a three-month transition period, and Bgogo will completely evolve from a centralized exchange to a decentralized exchange to capture the trend of decentralization in this industry. Bgogo will co-exist with Gogoswap for next three months to complete the transition period.

3. All users can become familiar with the trading operations of the decentralized exchange Gogoswap as soon as possible during the transition period. (Please refer to link for specific operation guide)

4. The old centralized exchange will stop trading before August 31, 2021. All users shall withdraw their assets from centralized exchange to their only wallets, and connect to Gogoswap to use and feel the revolutionary changes brought by the decentralized exchange.

5. In addition to being allocated to liquidity providers, transaction fees of Gogoswap will be used to repurchase BGG as before.

Thank you for your support.


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Maximilian Wang
Nicolas Chen
Oscar Song
Ciara Sun
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ICO Drops

16-July. Aleksey: Participated. The project is interesting, the exchange where you can vote for the listing of tokens.

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Despite good things like trans-fee mining, supernodes and a daily buyback program it is a risky exchange as this trans-fee mining model is the fact it is nothing but an 'ICO in disguise' and that too a very risky and expensive ICO, as in ICOs we pay Ether and get tokens and similarly we are paying BTC or ETH in fees to these exchanges and they are giving us tokens. It is a highly risky trading model and only those traders who understand the risks associated with this model should trade on this exchange because your investments can multiply 100x or you may suffer significant losses but if you join this exchange early when it gets launched, you may get BGG tokens at a low price which would minimise the risk and it may give good returns when volume starts picking up.

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For flipping: S
The supernodes have paid a token price higher than the public, so there’s no dumping pressure from large holders due to different pricing tiers. This pricing strategy is unprecedented and we believe it sets a great example as to how pricing for ICOs should be done. If the project is good, the opportunity for a bigger allocation is the bonus already.
Half of the BGG tokens held by supernodes will be unlocked on the first day of token listing. However, we believe the vast majority of the funds are not in a hurry to liquidate their BGG tokens, otherwise they risk losing the supernode status.
Therefore, we believe that there wouldn’t be much selling pressure in the beginning. Combined with the low initial token supply and trans-mining hype, BGG tokens should perform well right out of the gate.
For long-term holding: A
The long-term success of BGG token hinges on whether the exchange can generate traction beyond the initial hype period. Almost all the value of the Bgogo exchange platform is accrued to BGG tokens instead of equities, so if Bgogo does well and becomes a top exchange over time, BGG tokens should perform well.
Given the team’s strong background and commitment to the public community/smaller investors, we believe Bgogo has a good chance to succeed.

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Ian Balina
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From the first glance Bgogo is just yet another crypto exchange. But what makes them different is their decision to give each supernode a privilege to add a crypto asset to the exchange. The current situation shows that the idea works. Serious projects from crypto world bought 30+ million BGG tokens (500 ETH equivalent) each to become a supernode. The team is excellent, hype is more than enough. Even considering slightly complex public sale scheme, the project is really promising.
What if you could add a crypto asset of your choice to the crypto exchange? Big crypto industry players like the idea.

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